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Ink Midget (SK), Vladislav Delay (FIN), SHQ (CZ)

22:30 | SATURDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Corpus Christi Chapel



The concert directed by the Slovak musician and producer Ink Midget, who will introduce his debut EP Re-Leave, followed by live set of the Finnish sound artist Vladislav Delay, who will introduce his new album Kuopio. Both concerts will take place inside a light projection situation prepared by the Czech artist SHG.

Mark Fell (UK): Factoid #3
mark-fell portrét

18:30 - 23:00 | THURSDAY 6. 12. 2012 | White Burrow

installation opening


Factoid #3 is a light and sound installation first shown at Mark Fell's solo exhibition "Matter-Space-Motion" Sheffield 2010. It extends many of the artist's familiar themes including the sonic organization of space, a detachment from 'linear' time scales and the close correlation of light and sound.

David Šmitmajer, Jiří Rouš, František Týmal: Hunting Boghor

23:30 | THURSDAY 6. 12. 2012 | T – Theatre K3,

AV performance


Hunting Boghor is a sci-fi audio-visual performance that combines experimental 16mm film projection with a live electro-acoustic music performance, unfolding in the "rumble of a dying universe". The premiere of a new piece by creative trio Rouš-Šmitmajer-Týmal.

Lasonick & Kof (CZ) Spectral Scenery

19:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Metropol Cinema

AV performance


Spectral Scenery is an improvised audio-visual performance based on the interconnection of turntable, laptop and projection. It is wild and fierce real-time sampling, it is the scenery of a stark sound landscape and a live-generated image. Lasonick (Stanislav Abrahám) is an audio-visual performer and Kof (Kryštof Pešek) is a visual creator and computer code artist.

Mark Fell (UK): Multistability
fell multi

20:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Metropol Cinema



In the sphere of cognitive psychology, the term "multistability" refers to the effect when the percipient is not able to distinguish an individual stable object from complex and unambiguous patterns. In system theory this term describes such a state which is neither stable nor unstable when moving between two different states. Fell adopted them as his starting point for his music project.


Metamkine (FR)

23:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3

AV performance


Metamkine consider audio-visual performance as a specific genre – improvisation in which sound and image have an equal role. They project from several projectors, they overlap and layer images on the screen, and they compose an ephemeral image out of individual light flashes.


How Much Black is the Black?

11:30 | FRIDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3

lecture – Martin Blažíček


Martin Blažíček's lecture will particularly focus on the personality of Aldo Tambellini and other connections with American expanded cinema. The lecture will include samples and reports from reconstructions of, among other things, Moondial and Black Zero for Tate Modern 2012.

Mark Fell (GB): Computer Graphic Works
fell grafiky

16:00 | FRIDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3



The last show of the visual artist Mark Fell at PAF will be the presentation of graphically generated animations. Fell will introduce his audio-visual projects Attack on Silence and Study for a Computer Controlled Eternal Now.

Jiří Havlíček: The Captives of Film

18:00 | FRIDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3

AV performance


A video-fragment that takes place in the space between several films. The video is loosely inspired by the Czech children's film Kaňka do pohádky (Dab into Fairytale, 1981) and also by the silent French series Les Vampires. The video- fragment will be accompanied by Georgij Bagdasarov in person.



Since 2007, the program section Live Animation has been dedicated to introducing and interpreting audio-visual projects that are created as they are being presented, within the presence of their author and an audience. In cases like this, the moving image often pervades various forms of presentation, so live animation falls contextually under the art of film projections, gallery exhibition projects, club concerts and theatre performances. For the dramaturgy of this section, the year of 2012 became a theme of following the current artistic events and diversity of technological approaches from the performance with 16mm film (Metamkine, FR), through programmed image (Lasonick & KOF, CZ), to the significance of darkness in cinema (Mark Fell, UK). The programme of the Live Animation section will be uniquely interpreted by the artists, who will be introduced by several expression positions within their work.






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