The jubilee 10th year of the Festival of Film Animation PAF took place from the 8th of December to the 11th of December 2011 in Olomouc, the Art Centre of Palacký University, Metropol Cinema, Café Tungsram Transit, Gallery "U Mloka", Vertigo Club, Jazz Tibet Club, Vitrína Deniska and other Olomouc locations.

This year's Festival of Film Animation welcomed 250 accredited visitors and 105 festival guests. The jubilee year offered seven festival sections.

The opening ceremony of this year's festival took place in Corpus Christi Chapel (Konvikt) on Thursday, 8th of December, 7 pm. Dan Gregor and Tomáš Dvořák prepared an exceptional project intended especially for the ceremony – the audio visual installation Archifon I. Through the use of light rays the authors created distinctive sounds which emanated from the various architectural features of the chapel. The chapel was thus transformed into a spectacular musical instrument that could be played by the festival audience every day from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.


The 9th year of the Festival of Film Animation (PAF) is over. 172 films in 54 programme blocks were shown during four festival days. The main guest and PAF Cult of this year’s PAF was the British director Peter Greenaway who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for moving image cinematography. One of the most significant contemporary audio-visual artists – Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto – was introduced within Live Animation: Color Music section. Another important event of this year’s PAF was the world premiere of the gallery video Soft Palate made by the Austrian experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold who preferred Olomouc festival to festivals in Berlin and Rotterdam. 


The eighth year of the Festival of Film Animation took place from the 10th to 13th December of 2009 in the Art Centre of Palacký University, Metropol Cinema, Gallery "U Mluka" and Metro, Mitril and Vertigo clubs.

Non-fiction: The main thematic section of this year's PAF, within which the audience had an opportunity to consider the relation of animation to reality. The non-fiction animated cinematography was cross-sectionally introduced within several blocks; one series of films was dedicated to Czechoslovak emigrant Paul Fierlinger (e.g. films Drawn from Memory and Still Life with Animated Dogs). A significant guest of PAF, who introduced his work within the Non-fiction animation, was the Austrian audio visual artist and experimentalist Martin Arnold. The crowded halls were fascinated by (de)animation of classical Hollywood movies, when Arnold revealed implied sense and meaning by means of editing and digital technologies.


The seventh year of the Festival of Film Animation took place from the 11th to 14th of December 2008. Adult Animation: The main topic of this year's PAF within which the audience could see several feature films and dozens of short films that are definitely not intended for children. Films by Ralph Bakshi, who is considered a father of Adult Animation, met with great success; his films Fritz the Cat, Coonskin and Wizards were screened.

Irish Animation: exploration of independence phenomenon. The lecture on history and development of Irish animation was given by the Irish notable historian and theorist Dermont Corrigan. Irish delegation consisted of the representatives of Cartoon Saloon studio – Ross Murray, Ross Stewart and Tom Moore. New Irish short films, commercials and samples from the latest Irish feature animation entitled Brendan and the Secret of Kells were accompanied by comments of the present filmmakers.


The sixth year of the Festival of Film Animation took place from the 6th to 9th of December 2007 in venues of the Art Centre of Palacký University in Olomouc, Metropol Cinema, Theatre of Music and 15 minutes club. The festival was preceded by Michal Jareš's lecture on American independent comics.

Animation in service of propaganda: The main thematic section introduced films of Soviet Union, United States, Poland, Great Britain and former Czechoslovakia.


The fifth year of the Festival of Film Animation took place from the 8th to 10th of December 2006 in the Art Centre of Palacký University (film and theatre hall, attic), Metropol cinema, 15 minutes club and S-klub in Olomouc. The programme of the Festival of Film Animation consisted of 30 blocks.

Polish Animation: Within this section, 55 years of Polish animation were introduced. Top ten of the best Polish animated films were screened. On that occasion, the anthology about Polish animation entitled Resuscitation of Unreal Worlds was published.



The festival of Film Animation took place from the 9th to 11th of December 2005 and in comparison with the last year's festival, it was extended to 23 blocks.

Distinctive personalities of Czech as well as international animated cinematography were introduced – the Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel, the Slovak animator Jaroslava Havettová, Jan Švankmajer's collaborator Bedřich Glaser. New technologies and media were introduced within the blocks dedicated to Cabinet and Altar Interactive studios, the production of computer games was introduced by Jakub Dvorský (Amanita Design). Cyril Podolský's workshop dealt with interconnection of music and animated films; the intersection of animated films and other genres was represented within several blocks – Czech videoart classic Petr Skala and New York filmmaker Henry Hills dealt with animation and experimental film.



The leitmotiv of the fourth year of the Festival of Film Animation was the unity of animated film and music; five blocks were devoted to this topic. Besides avant-garde video-clip production, PAF introduced the Czech version of animated opera The Cunning Little Vixen and Disney's Phantasy was introduced in the context of world cinematography. There were also retrospectives of Canadian director Frédéric Back, Quay Brothers and Jiří Šalamoun. Traditionally, a great part of the Festival was dedicated to dynamically developing technologies and media and their use in animation. The professional lectures dealt among other things with diffusion of animated film and feature film and also with history of animation. PAF was visited by two international guests, students of several professional schools and animators from four Czech professional companies.


PAF 2004 Guests:

Radim Bačík, Markéta Baňková, Marcus Bergner, Robert Elfmann, Pavel Klusák, Jakub Krompolc and others.



The third year of the Festival of Film Animation in 2003 was attended by much more spectators than in previous years.

The main guest of the Festival was Břetislav Pojar; his production was introduced within three blocks that were visited by about eight thousand spectators including children from Olomouc primary schools (special screenings in Metropol Cinema). PAF 2003 programme was focused on the survey of Czech and international production linkage – the work of Paul Fierlinger, Gene Deitch, Petr Sís, Karel and Irena Dodals and others was introduced within the framework of the topic. The dramaturgy was traditionally turned to border genres of animated film. Besides acquaintance with VJing phenomenon, the audience had an opportunity to participate in the course of computer animation and graphic training.

Among other things, the programme consisted of the following sections: Czech animation abroad and world animation here (Gene Deitch, Paul Fierlinger, Karel and Irena Dodals), Of Pixels and Men, Computer Games, Other Visions and profiles, e.g. Ion-Popescu Gopo.


PAF 2003 Guests:

Jan Krejčíř, Vít Pancíř, Břetislav Pojar, Alice Růžičková, Jan Tománek


In 2002 the Festival of Film Animation moved to Olomouc, using the professional background of the Department of dramatic, film and media studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University and the premises of reconstructed former Jesuit College, now the Art Centre of Palacký University. The first year of PAF took place from the 12th to 15th of December 2002 in premises of Art Centre of Palacký University, Central Cinema and Lípa Cinema. PAF won the patronage of the Czech Minister of Culture, Pavel Dostál.

During three days, 20 thematic blocks proceeded without any change in programme; the invitation was accepted by all of almost 30 Czech as well as foreign guests.


PAF 2002 Guests:

Jiří Barta, Martin Čihák, Edgar Dutka, Aurel Klimt, Stanislav Komárek, Ivana Košuličová, Jiří Kubíček, Petr Nikl, Vít Pancíř, Priit Pärn (Estonia), Vlasta Pospíšilová, Alice Růžičková, Vladimír Suchánek, Michal Žabka and others


The zero year of the Festival of Film Animation took place from the 7th to 9th of December 2000 in Dukla Cinema in Jihlava. During the three days, more than 160 animated films were screened; the films were borrowed from collections of National Film Archive, French Cultural Centre, Zagreb Film School, Project 100, Czech film schools and other film archives and distributors. 207 paying visitors attended the screenings.

The pursuit of coverage of wide spectre of history as well as the present of this minor genre led to formation of specific structure that has remained up to now – the programme has been divided into 43 thematic blocks within which the screenings were completed with lectures and workshops. Proficiency of individual lecturers (Alena Nádvorníková, Martin Čihák, Tomáš Liška, Jan Gogola, Karel Tabery etc.) was accentuated.

Among other things, the programme consisted of the following sections: Bornography, Animation focused on child drawings, Animated video-clip, Pixar to children, French animation of 1970s, Aardman Animations, Czech female artists and directors.

The Festival also introduced profiles of the following artists: Jurij Norštejn, Václav Mergl, Jiří Barta, Jiří Trnka and Josef Švejk, Jan Švankmajer, Aurel Klimt, Karel Lhoták, Pavel Marek and others.





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