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David Přílučík: The Least Action

​David Přílučík's work concerns how to deal with the loss of authenticity in the age of image reproduction. However, he is not interested in what is and what is not authentic; rather he addresses the question of how a sense of authenticity can emerge and what people do in order to achieve it. The work is on video.

Viktor Takáč: It May Have Happened
4 Dec 2014 – 5 Jan 2015 | Vitrína Deniska / exhibition
18:30 | THURSDAY 4 DEC | Vitrína Deniska / vernissage

It May Have Happened is an installation which is part of the object. This object used to be part of the whole and the whole used to be part of a superior whole which closed a framework. In his work the author focuses on video objects, on works in public spaces and on installations for galleries. / curator – Alexandr Jančík

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PAF 2014 Opening Ceremony + vernissage of Live coding lab

The opening ceremony will take place in the Atrium of Konvikt and will be accompanied by a vernissage of a Live coding lab exhibition and a Live coding performance by Kolektiv. A visit to this year's other installations and light refreshments in the attic will follow.
More information in the PAF Art section.

Viktor Takáč & Petr Krátký: If It Was Happening Right Now

The interconnected artistic non-duo Viktor Takáč and Petr Krátký use appropriation as an artistic strategy. It enables the artists to appropriate already existing objects or the work of others. In his work Petr Krátký intentionally appropriates work from other authors.What happens when both authors with various approaches to appropriation meet face to face on the battle field of a screening hall?

Viktor Takáč: It Will Certainly Happen

Viktor Takáč (1982) studied the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of monumental creation and new media. In his work he focuses on video objects, works in public spaces and installations for galleries. His projects are often intermedial and they often use video records, time-lapse images and formal methods of cinematography.

Lost Case

dir. Roman Štetina | CZ | 2014 | 58´ | screening
The film study of the detective genre was created by means of re-editing the episodes of a legendary TV series made between 1968 and 2003. The "newly created" episode explores the boundaries between the film protagonist and the actor Peter Falk

Ways of Something
4. 12. 2014 – 10. 1. 2015 | Gallery dé | exhibition
Thursday 4 DEC | 4:30 pm | vernissage

Corpus Christi Chapel | screening

friday 5 dec | 16:30 & 23:30
saturday 6. dec | 19:00 & 21:30

In 1972 John Berger asked, in his canonical BBC documentary Ways of Seeing, questions about the uniqueness and authenticity of works of art, about the ways we perceive and interpret it, and how the original is different from a copy. After more than forty years, from Ways of Seeing has become Ways of Something. In this remake made by top contemporary digital artists, the old truths about art are modified to the needs of the new age – the age after the internet.

The mobile gallery in a tram will feature selected digital prints from the series of the same name. It is no coincidence that the names of many of the authors are already known to PAF visitors.


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João Maria Gusmão (PT) & Pedro Paiva (PT): Film screening II

screening, presentation – Bruno Marchand
João Maria Gusmão's and Pedro Paiva's artistic work includes the creation of 16 and 35mm photographs and statues. The installation features optical instruments such as camera obscura. Their activities often result in "poetic-philosophic narratives."

João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva: Film screening I

screening, presentation – Bruno Marchand
João Maria Gusmão's and Pedro Paiva's artistic work includes the creation of 16 and 35mm photographs and statues. The installation features optical instruments such as camera obscura. Their activities often result in "poetic-philosophic narratives."

Dean Blunt (GB), Slowmotiondancer (CZ)

Dean Blunt is a native of London, a musician and visual artist and his concert for PAF will be his first in the Czech Republic. He will introduce this autumn's highly acclaimed record Black Metal which was released by the prestigious Rough Trade publishing. Dean Blunt's concert will be supported by Slowmotiondancer project which, until now, has only been performed in studios.

Lightning Glove / Freddy Ruppert

A double concert of the postpunk band Lightning Glove, which combines the rhythms of contemporary dance music and British industrial with the rhythms of an American musician living in Prague – Freddy Ruppert - producing experimental electronic music.


The violoncellist Kateřina Koutná, accompanied by Anna Balážová's VJing, will introduce her ambient musical project Makak. She will play a song from the first studio record Stromy, which was released on cassette this year

Distant from Roots

Two installations (Diana Menestrey Schwieger: Obstacles, Juan Manuel Ramirez: Micro) and two exhibitions (Carlos Acevedo: Puppets, Laura Victoria Delgado: Images) were created by Colombian artists who live outside Colombia. In their work they all connect their roots with the present day.

Live coding lab

AV performance + exhibition 
On Thursday, the 4th of December, there will be a vernissage of the Live coding lab exhibition and a Live coding AV performance by Kolektiv. The projections will take place over two days and will be shown at the same time as an exhibition which originates through connecting individual projections and current visitors.

Closing ceremony

During the closing ceremony of the 13th year of the Festival of Film Animation, the international jury's choice of this year's winner of the Other Visions competition will be announced. The Audience Award will also be given and for this you can vote in the Attic Gallery over the whole period of the festival.


Become involved with your own code. During the festival the coding laboratory will be open to any participants with their own laptops andwith either a sound or an image code in the software of their own choice. Recommended languages: SuperCollider, PureData, Fluxus, VVVV, Quartz Composer.

Kolektiv: Live coding live

AV performance 
During PAF Kolektiv will be based in the Atrium where the live coding laboratory will be located. After the opening concert the artists will develop and adjust non-stop running sound and image codes in the forms of an open network installation, a workshop and a laboratory. Occasional sessions, workshops and laboratory experiments will also take place.





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