Competition Other Visions is the one and only competition section of PAF – Festival of Film Animation. It aims to map out the field of moving images of film and video in the Czech Republic. By curated selections, it tries to enable the current domestic audiovisual production that find itself on the border line between fine arts, video art and animation to be more accessible and openly accepted by the public. Every year's selection has been unique thanks to the various interests of the curators who select ten nominated works. The main criteria for submission into competition are the premise that the work is possible to be screened in the cinema and is not older eighteen months. Both professional and amateur artists can submit their moving images.



Lenka Dolanová



IVAN LADISLAV GALETA – pedadogue, director | CR

MARTIN ARNLOD – visual artist and experimental film maker | AT

MIA MAKELA – media and live cineman artist | FI




Jan Pfeiffer Prevision / Předpoklad (2009) Length: 10'04''

What comes to mind when looking out of your window? Jan Pfeiffer took a picture of his view. He let the proper experts make comments on the final photography; capturing people, animals, trees, buildings, cars etc. – everything that had been at that very moment in the frame of the view-finder. The question was: What is the prevision of their future? The work tangents the problem of being and time allotted to people and things.

Tomáš Svoboda Fly (2009) Length: 3'57''

Fly is an example of a so-called "text film" method, which has recently taken the interest of Svoboda. In an abstract way, using short schematic texts and images, he tells a story whose final form has to be compounded by every viewer himself, via his own imagination (in this case it is a story of passengers on an airplane). Everyone thus creates his own specific version of the story.

Daniel Pitín The Lost Architect / Ztracený architekt (2008) Length: 1'41''

Pitín uses found archive photos, which he further modifies. The pictures go in a random flow. By changing them; inserting things not belonging in the photograph, or in opposition by reducing, he disturbs our conception of the look, context and general impression of the photograph. Pitín, using different photographs, mostly with the central theme of architecture, creates an almost fictive story of the life and work of the unknown architect.

Petra Hermanová Corded (2009) Lenght: 2'56'' (loop)

Corded plays with the way we usually watch videos and with our usual perception of motion in general. Short, almost banal city scenes where everything is in permanent motion are accompanied by black framing. So we observe the axes of movement, and the image becomes even more dynamic. The sense of motion is multiplied. Told with Heraclitus: Everything flows, everything changes and nothing remains still.

Matěj Smetana Manual 2: Trilobite / Návod 2: Trilobit (2009) Length: 6'48''

This short animated film accompanied by music comes within the series of four films, every one of which supplies a do-it-yourself manual for different things (a crystal, a trilobite, the Space, the sunset) and cites the visuality of common instruction manuals. For his expressions, Smetana applies schematic linear drawing and throughout the series deals with the relation between the idea, its formulation and the final realization in the form of object.

Roman Týc Grandmother R.I.P. / Babička R.I.P. (2009) Length: 2'37''

The video Grandmother R.I.P. was made in memory of the late grandmother of the author. Týc took horizontal pictures of his grandmother's kitchen and he compounded this panorama and animated it using the 360° camera movement and supplied the common sounds of kitchen work. Thus arose an unconventional picture of his grandmother. The delicate film is an impressive testimony about the loss of a close person and a last goodbye to her.

Barbora Švarcová Psycho-analysis / Psycho-analýza (2009) Length: 8'58''

Barbora Švarcová took as the starting point of her work, Psycho, the classic film by Hitchcock, and this film she subjected to the ingenious analysis of image and sound. She chose 13 pivotal scenes with the main heroine, "cut her out", and then put these scenes into the set of images as a collage. Paradoxically, the film character became more visible. The viewer thus has a chance to look into the structure of the film, into its space, which is not determined by time.

Vilém Novák Column / Sloup (2009) Lenght: 5'57''

This is a site-specific animated film projected onto a column and its environment and its realization took place in 2009 within the exhibition Utopia of Modernity in Zlín. The film was made in one night. The record mediates an original situation plus creates another, different work of art.

Michal Kindernay Pollution Movies (2009) Length: 7'59''

The record of audiovisual memory in time and space. The author used the scanning of images, modified by sound, and the analyses of pollution in the signal of image and motion. The results of analysis, vertically accumulated in the "matrix" of image, are arranged into the final video sequence.

Lenka Žampachová And Thus I Bark Like Thunder / A tak štěkám jako hrom (2008); Length: 1'50''

Hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation. Simple means are used to create the series of situations, fading into each other and travelling through the space of moving images. Characters and space morph with lovely easiness.






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