PAF New York 2015


59 E 4th St, 7th Floor Loft; New York, NY 10003
6 November 2015 / FB event / from 6pm to midnight / admission free





Infinity +1 / Alexander Campaz

6 pm – 12 am / installation

Infinity +1 is a project that considers the relationship between the finite/infinite, as illustrated by philosopher Hilbert, through a hypothetical example titled the Grand Hotel paradox, and how the limits and rules of this paradox informs the  boundaries of knowledge.  Hilbert describes the complete/incomplete paradox by creating a hypothetical hotel, which has an infinite number of occupied rooms.  When a hypothetical new guest arrives the previous most recent guest is moved one room over and a new room is created for the new arrival.  Thus all rooms are filled to capacity with the capability of admitting new guests ad infinitum.

Filip Cenek

6 pm – 12 am / installation

Most of the works by Filip Cenek do not have a permanent form, though they may be based on the same photographs, videos, animations; or on a unifying literary fragment. Experienced both by the artist and the visitors, the alienation effect is further supported by the unique installation of the artworks in relation to the “finite” space. In such cases, the process of the visitors’ perception and experience is similar to that of a repeated reading of the same text.

Milton Melvin Croissant III

7 pm / talk, screening

Milton Melvin Croissant III presents a screening of animated music videos directed and animated over the past four years. Commissioned by emerging young musical talents, these works spin new narratives from radical sounds. Milton will premiere the video for Thug Entrancer on Software Records and will be available in human-form to introduce his work and take Q&A.

Nicholas O’Brien

8:30 pm / screening, readings

For PAF New York, Nicholas O'Brien will present a program of videos bookended by two short readings. Thematically varied, O'Brien's work explores how space, language, simulation, and various forms of technology create nuanced systems of meaning and narrative. O'Brien's playful and probing voice draws on a variety of influences that span speculative literature, critical theory, and technological discovery. As part of the evening, O'Brien will premiere a new work of short fiction with accompanying 3D imagery.

Other Visions 2014 / selection of Czech moving image

6 pm – 12 am / audio-visual installation

Competition Other Visions is the only competition section of PAF—Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art. Its aim is to map out the field of moving images of film and video in the Czech Republic. Through curated selections it tries to enable the current domestic audiovisual production, which is on the border between fine arts, video art and animation, to be more accessible and openly accepted by the public. Every year the selection is unique thanks to the various interests of the curators, who select ten nominated works. The main criteria for entry in the competition are that the work can be screened in the cinema and it was produced within the last eighteen months. Both professional and amateur artists can submit their moving images.

Singles / Undervolt selection by Yoshi Sodeoka

6 pm – 12 amaudio-visual installation

Founded in 2013, Undervolt & Co. is an artist-run distribution platform which represents a collection of international contemporary video art, with an emphasis on works that explore the connection between image and sound. The Singles collection consists of stand-alone works that provide a taste of what might be expected from larger albums by individual artists presented by Undervolt, such as Suzy Poling, Robert Beatty, Brandon Blommaert, Yoshihide Sodeoka, Johnny Woods, Jimmy Joe Roche, MSHR, Giselle Zatonyl, Emilio Gomariz, Camilia Padgitt-Coles, Adam Ferriss, e*rock and Javier Galán Rico.

Return of the She / Ziemba

10 pm / performance, concert

This participatory solo performance features Ziemba in the role of She, also known as the owner, the bountiful, the master of the ground, the occupying dweller and the queen of the corpse it haunts.  Drawing from futurist and fin de siècle/decadent concepts of gender, cultural imperialism, and visceral dreamscapes, this short performance installation utilizes movement, sound, and mixed media to offer an interactive reflection on human life as a relic of modernity.





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