Rebecca Salvadori (IT) & Lucy Railton (GB)

As her main medium Lucy Railton uses sound, often recordings of cello and Rebecca Salvadori tries to subvert dominant technologies through her video works. They share a fascination for the synchronicity and prevention between forms, in this case between image and sound.

David Ferrando Giraut (ES) & Ryoko Akama (JP)

David Ferrando Giraut combines several themes in his artistic work. Those themes include the hybridization of natural elements, the relationship between technology and socio-political organisations, and the tension between representation and depicted reality. In her compositions Ryoko Akama deals with aesthetics of silence, time and space.

Joe Gilmore (GB) & Paul Emery (GB)

Gilmore and Emery are influenced by films and videos from the 1970s as well as by conceptual art of that time. As starting points for their PAF project they consider two films: Tony Conrad's The Flickr and Roman Ondák's His Affair of Time.

Joe Gilmore (GB) & Paul Emery (GB): Frame

Paul Emery has created a system which can generate a continuous quantity of video from two films. A certain amount of this output will be recorded and will create a visual content for their projection at PAF. Joe has made a professional system and will introduce live audio which will accompany the visual part of the work.

David Ferrando Giraut (ES) & Ryoko Akama (JP): Second Nature

AV performance
After the video ends and the sound remains for a while, the place will once again fall into a deep, impenetrable blackness.

Lucy Railton (IT) & Rebecca Salvadori (GB): Image/Black

Rebecca Salvadori is an artist living in London who tries to subvert dominant technologies through her video works. She is currently focused on the substance of digital images and their impact on reception. She uses sound as the main medium; her source material is often a cello record. She is interested in reference and tradition, mostly in the sphere of live performances.

Motion, Change, Presence

round table – Mark Fell, Joe Gilmore, Paul Emery, David Ferrando Giraut, Ryoko Akama, Lucy Railton & Rebecca Salvadori
The Artists in Motion, Change, Presence section will include performances in the form of presentations and round table discussions which will be led by the important British artist and the curator of this section – Mark Fell.





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