PAF Art / Programme #paf2015


Within the section PAF Art, current international and Czech projects from the field of contemporary visual art will be presented. The programme takes place both in traditional venues (Konvikt, U Mloka Gallery) as well as in public space (the street gallery Vitrína Deniska or the dé gallery located on a regular tram line). Part of the programme is also the ceremony for the ninth annual award for artists over 35 - the Vladimír Havlík award, named after Vladimír Havlík, Olomouc-based performer and teacher and the 2014 laureate.

Guests: Josef Bolf (CZ), Marek Delong (CZ), David Možný (CZ) ad.


PAF activities in 2019 have been supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Cinematography Fund, The City of Olomouc and The Olomouc Region.

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