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PAF 2012 Opening Ceremony Model. Urbanism Animate

18:00 | THURSDAY. 12. 2012 | Atrium

group exhibition opening


The opening ceremony will take place in the Atrium of Konvikt on the occasion of Model. Urbanism Animated opening. The four-day group exhibition located in several places thematizes a model of city space and its interiors in an imaginary urbanistic scheme. The Model is an inter-phase, a utopian vision and also the only output in the form of a sketch, object and moving image. A tour of all this year's installations and light refreshments in the attic will follow.


00:00 | THURDAY 6. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

screening, introduction - Lenka Dolanová


The musician, conceptual artist and filmmaker Sufjan Stevens is the author of the feature film which captures by means of a kaleidoscope and manipulated images the New York expressway between Brooklyn and Queens. "One of the ugliest expressways in the world" is transformed into a ballet performance of an endless stream of automobiles.



Big Cities

11:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

screening, introduction – Mirjam Struppek (DE)


This block of short films introduced by the urban expert and theorist Mirjam Struppek will offer films reflecting the inner, psychological aspect of life in big cities, and the outer presentation of cities as individual urban units acting against the general public.

City Is a Medium

13:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

lecture with samples– Vladimir 518, Jan Matoušek


Vladimir 518 and Jan Matoušek will introduce their latest project City Is a Medium, which is a unique book project within the Czech environment. As the authors say, the book is about the relationship between light and the city, about its free use for settling public space.

Media Facades

15:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

lecture with samples– Mirjam Struppek (DE)


Cities are venues for creating new and engaging visual experiences. How do they contribute to the lively character of their urban surroundings and what is their potential for interaction and the creation of shared experiences? Mirjam Struppek, a city planner, theorist and leading figure of the Facades festival in Berlin, will speak about the themes of infrastructure and integration in urban surroundings.


17:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

skype lecture with samples – Keith Eggener (US)


The theorist of architecture Keith Eggener from the University of Columbia, Missouri will, through the live skype lecture, introduce the phenomenon of demolitions and their role in the history of architecture, and in our contemporary lives.

Trail of Courage

18:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

presentation – Matěj Al-Ali, Petr Dub, Tomáš Moravec


Since Saturday November the 3rd 2012, a permanent artistic intervention called Trail of Courage has been open in the Prague suburb Psárny-Dolní Jirčany. The trail, devoted to the issue of "settlement jumble" will be presented by the authors: Matěj Al-Ali, Petr Dub and Tomáš Moravec.


22:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

screening, lecture – Tomáš Cach


Does municipal public transport have to be used only by "the poor"? How do we hold up in comparison to foreign countries when we want to use bicycles in the streets? Tomáš Cach, a transport and urban planning expert and an expert on bicycle paths and their integration, will try to answer these questions and many more. The lecture will include a series of short animated films which deal with the difficulties of navigation, and traffic flow in cities.

Chats Perchés

00:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium



The phantom street artist Monsieur Chat, who "attacked" Parisian facades by means of a striped, grinning cat, served as an inspiration for the author's penultimate film. In the documentary film Chats Perchés (The Case of the Grinning Cat) Marker does not search for anyone "risking his life at night to make this city laugh" – he perceives the yellow cat as a phantom of revolt.



Summerhouses and groups of allotments

11:00 | FRIDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

screening, lecture – Petr Gibas & Veronika Zapletalová


As the old Czech proverb goes, "every Czech is a musician." Is it also true that every Czech is a gardener? Do you have your own summer house? The cultural geographer Petr Gibas and the visual artist Veronika Zapletalová will introduce the phenomenon of gardening and summerhouses. Both lectures will precede a series of short animated films concerning various kinds of gardening.

Urbanistic Cinema

19:30 | FRIDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

lecture with samples – Leonardo Ciacci (IT)


Several years of research and the new accessibility through the web to movies otherwise inaccessible, have made it easy to demonstrate the role that the "cinema" has had in assisting the development of the project of the modern city. The main reason for this partnership is the need to establish a kind of complicity with city inhabitants. "Montage", comics, animation and mime, have often been used as simplified languages suitable for informing people about the complex issues involved in the transformations of cities. The lecture will be given by the theorist and historian of architecture Leonardo Ciacci.

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

22:00 | FRIDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

screening, introduction – Osamu Okamura


What are the differences between the "empty" and "active" concourses which people either walk past or use for conversation or "mere" observation of others? From the film of the legendary city planner it is obvious that differentiated public city space can effectively support social interaction and individual experiences on the edge of legitimacy.


00:00 | SATURDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium



The final screening compiled of the most interesting pieces screened within the Urbanism ANImated section. In case you missed anything, you have an ideal opportunity to catch it thanks to this screening block.

Animation, Algorithms, Architecture

12:00 | SUNDAY 9. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

lecture with samples – Jaroslav Hulín


What are the difficulties in the visual perception of architecture / a city? Do we understand contemporary cities? Do we understand urbanism? Are there any other representations of architecture besides the graphical possibilities? The lecture will be a series of reflections and questions which Jaroslav Hulín deals with in his doctoral thesis and in his academic practice at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Jan Pfeiffer: Trajectory

14:00 | SUNDAY 9. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium



The representation of social experience within a city area as prints erased from the memory of specific places (cities, artistic works, etc.) is obvious in Jan Pfeiffer's works. What is important is the resonance evoked by the drawings and animations of city areas in which the author has never been.

City and Its Animation

15:00 | SUNDAY 9. 12. 2012 | Film Auditorium

lecture with samples – Osamu Okamura


The architect and publicist Osamu Okamura, who has often promoted the interdisciplinary nature of architecture, will give a lecture on the possible cooperation between contemporary architecture and animation. In his contributions he will mention such phenomena as sceno-architecture, pop-up architecture and archi-comics.



Animace a urbanismus jsou především v posledních letech navzájem propleteny mnohem více, než se na první pohled může zdát. V rámci této bohaté sekce letos na PAFu představíme jak propojení tradiční narativní krátkometrážní animace s různorodými urbanistickými tématy, tak i vzájemnou koexistenci a výpomoc nových médií a digitální animace při samotném urbanistickém plánování, konkrétní tvorbě a prezentaci architektů. Stejně jako v předchozích letech bude mít i letos festivalové publikum jedinečnou příležitost vyslechnout si přednášky a názory expertů a expertek z nejrůznějších oborů.

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