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Constant Dullaart (NL): Human Internet

17:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Corpus Christi Chapel



The subject of Dullaart's tireless and playful critical reflection is the specific visual language of the Internet and its processes hidden in the background. Within the presentation of his work he will inter alia introduce, among other things, the brand new works he created immediately before PAF during his residential stay in China.

Constant Dullaart (NL): Networked Performance

20:00 | SUNDAY 9. 12. 2012 | Corpus Christi Chapel



In the work of this Dutch artist, performativity is rather important: from performances on social networking sites, through performative behaviour joined with the perception of web based artwork, to physical performances using the processes of reverse remediation and the famous and highly unsettling live internet pieces. Networked performance in the Dullaart style.

Projekt net.artdatabase.org

13:00 - 19:00 | SATURDAY 8. 12. 2012 |Atelier of Graphic Design

workshop – Constant Dullaart (NL), Robert Sakrowski (DE)


Participants will be introduced to the project net.artdatabase.org initiated by Constant Dullaart (constantdullaart.com) and Robert Sakrowski (curatingyoutube.net) It is focused on Contextualizing Internet-based Artand its collaborative documentation and archiving. During the workshop, the participants will be taught how to document Internet Based Art.



PAF Cult represents a personality of either cinematography or the art of moving image who will introduce his/her work in person. The Dutch post-internet artist Constant Dullaart (1979) is fast becoming the youngest PAF Cult and at the same time the first cult figure for the beginning of the second decade of the Festival of Film Animation.






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