Kinečko: Cross-cuts in Experiment

Kinečko is a Slovak bi-monthly dedicated to the expansion of relations and the deepening of susceptibility concerning works of film. Its authors also compile films that are released as DVD supplements with the magazine The presentation will be accompanied by a block of short experimental films from one of these compilations.

The PLEVEL Gallery Legend


In the initial part of the lecture the PLEVEL Gallery will be introduced and also the exhibitions implemented and especially the artists who were most important for the curators. The second part of the lecture will be devoted to the subtle currents of post-internet and the lives of artists on social networks.

Brno Devětsil: Multimedia Overlaps of the Artistic Avant-Garde

lecture – Petr Ingerle
The curator Petr Ingerle will approach film as one of the spheres of interest of Brno Devětsil. Film avant-garde was implemented, especially in journalistic and critical activities, by writing poetic film scripts and librettos which provide interesting material for observing changes in thinking in relation to Czech film.

B16: Amateur Animation 2013–2014

screening, lecture - Miloš Henkrich
The 55th annual B16 has been sticking to its very original roots for four years. Therefore, (short) animated films are in the contest along with short feature films. This year, seven short animated films appear among 45 feature films.

Not Always Funny

lecture, screening – Nicholas O'Brien (US)
In this lecture Nicholas O'Brien will study three different models of collective ownership, common distribution and other alternative cultural models of shared property.

Czech-Japanese block of Homo Felix

screening, introduction – Eliška Děcká

Homo Felix two festival blocks will introduce the latest andbest of local animation, as produced by students of FAMU, VŠUP and UTB. Both blocks will be accompanied by a different international guest. The first block will introduce  works from Tokyo University of Arts, Japan. The university is also the workplace of the pedagogue Koji Yamamura, who has won awards at several respected festivals, such as Annecy, Zagreb, Ottawa and Stuttgart.

Animated Shorts 2014

The selection Animated Shorts 2014 will introduce a block of short animated films for children. The films have been created over the last six years andthe authors are students from Animation Studio, Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. The young animators have used various animation techniques, so PAF visitors can look forward to films which use classical animation, cut-out animation and modern computer methods.


screening, lecture: Pavel Ryška

The illustrated narration is about Svatopluk Pitra (1923–1993), a successful graphic artist and popular designer of animated films, who emigrated from socialistic Czechoslovakia and settled in the west. In the early 1960s in Toronto and New York he discovered a world which went far beyond his imagination in relation to independent authorial work.

The Bands that Never Existed

lecture – Pavel Klusák
In his lecture the music journalist Pavel Klusák will be accompanied by samples and will look at animated pop bands formed in the sixties. Moreover during the television age, virtual hit-makers were widely distributed by most commercial channels.

 B16: Aport Amateur

screening, introduction – Miloš Henkrich
The miniature double portrait of Roman Skalický and Pavel Lukavský, the remarkable animators who are among the best Czech amateur artists, originated in cooperation with the Brno 16 festival.

Czech-Canadian block of Homo Felix

The international Homo Felix Journal deals with the current authorial animation of Central and Eastern Europe in a global context. Therefore its two festival blocks will introduce the latest and best of local animation, as produced by students of FAMU, VŠUP and UTB. Both blocks will be accompanied by a different international guest. The first block will be presented by the Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, which is well-known and well-respected, particularly for its concentration on strongly authorial and distinctive animation.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

dir. Ivo Caprino | NO | 1975 | 88'
The puppet film Pinchcliffe Grand Prix holds first place in several spheres: it is the first Norwegian full-length animated film and it is the most viewed film in that Scandinavian country. It is one of the most famous Norwegian films in the world. Now this imaginative film, which includes action, wit and original figures, will be introduced at PAF for the first time.

Japan – Realm of Robots

lecture - Karel Veselý
In publicist Karel Veselý's (Czech Radio, Radio Wave, Aktuálně.cz, Respekt) lecture, which is based on his forthcoming book about Japanese visual culture, he will speak about the fictitious and real histories of robots in the land of the rising sun, starting with Astroboy, and continuing with Gundam and Ashima. The answer to "Why do the Japanese love artificial creatures so much?", will be sought in examples from Manga comics, animated series and feature films.





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