9 December 2010–27 January 2011 | Gallery U Mloka |

18:00 | THURSDAY 9 December 2010 | vernissage

Anežka Hošková’s exhibition is represented by her recent stylized drawings and paintings in various formats. They can be characterised as colourful portrayals and a synthesis of elements having been taken from Egyptian mythology and also from naivism; this fact is obvious in the depiction of sexual desires and joys; they also partly reveal a comic aspect to the tabooed instinctiveness. In her latest works the author completes existing means of expression through the inspiration of occult symbols and signs that are, within the music scene, called “witch house”.

11–31 December 2010 | 36

6:00 p.m. | SATURDAY 11 December 2010 | 36 |vernisáž

Matěj Smetana’s art is typified by several signs accompanying scientific discoveries. They include endurance, enjoyment of accuracy, application of known patterns under such circumstances that had not yet been verified and the desire to see something that nobody had seen before. PAF recommends 36 – a container next to the pavilion E, Flora Fairgrounds. Read more on www.36.cz

After the vernissage, the farewell concert follows at 8 p.m. in Vertigo Club. SmetBros, Audiofenky, Dlouhá láska and their guest will perform.

9–12 December | Podkroví Gallery | curator: Sylva Poláková | installation

Ten selected competition "moving pictures" will be installed in the Konvikt's attic. This year's section curator is the theorist Sylva Poláková. The films are divided into three thematic groups (Urban Mediation, Transformation, Story). The winning film and the award will be announced at PAF's closing ceremony.

9–12 December | instructors: Anna Pankiewicz (PL), Marcin Kaproń (PL) | workshop

The workshop of the Polish animator Anna Pankiewicz will be held in keeping with the spirit of this year's content in the section, Islands of Animation. Over four days the Czech as well as Polish participants will, step-by-step, experience all phases of film implementation. Both Czech and Polish workshops are going to deal with the topic concerning national identity, the awareness of falling into one and the distinction of one from the other. They will also examine questions on personal and national conscience.

9–12 December | Monitor Gallery | AV installation

At the Monitor Gallery Smetana will present a collection of four videos from 2009. The names of these animations tell us a lot about their content: Instructions 1: Crystal, Instructions 2: Trilobite, Instructions 3: Universe, Instructions 4: Sunset. In them the enthusiastic handyman creates nothing easier than a cluster of crystals, the moving of a trilobite perfectly suitable for an aquarium, a documentary film competing with a NASA production (in which you can admire the beauty of the Blue Planet) and of course, a romantic sunset.


9–12 December | Konvikt | AV installation


In his projects, the American visual artist Aaron Meyers is, in the long term, dealing with aspects of sound and music visualization. His freely available application Fieldlines originated as a supplement to the Cosmogramma's album cover, an eclectic mix of hip-hop and electronics, known as Flying Lotus. Fieldline will be installed in Konvikt.

9–12 December | Konvikt | exhibition

Jan Šrámek aka VJ Kolouch is, in the long term, dealing with vector graphics and he also applies these methods to flash animations. His work is fascinating for the almost “plodding” nature of his composing, layering and successive decomposition of objects (buildings, animals, human beings and especially insects). In some of his work, he openly adopts the tradition of construction and conception of motives which is typical for Zdeněk Miller’s work.

9–12 December | Konvikt |  

 The spatial installation which was introduced at Expo 2010 in Shanghai has arrived in
Olomouc via Prague and Litomyšl. Besides Martin Búřil and Zdeněk Durdils' sourceless
animations, the original projections of Monkey King inspired by Zdeněk Sklenář's work will be
presented through Konvikt's corridors.


9–12 December | Café Tungsram Transit | Pavla Sceranková | AV installation


Pavla Sceránková's short video (Six Dreams from a Cup /2006/) will be presented in the premises of Tungsram Transit. In the context of her work it ranks among the wider group of pieces of work that deal with the theme of memory. The author examines her own childhood memories as well as those from more recent times. Thanks to the passage of time, these memories are variously changing.


9–12 December | Konvikt



Zdeněk Durdil and Martin Búřil will install their common piece of work on the premises
of Konvikt. Their so-called sourceless animations, displacement models created in
postproduction programmes, originated four years ago during work on Zdeněk Sklenář's
original book illustrations accompanying the Monkey King legend.





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