12:00 a.m.  THURSDAY 9 December 2010 | Film Auditorium

Jan Švankmajer | Czech Republic | 2010 | 90‘ | projection


The sixth Švankmajer’s feature film again upsets the basis of causal logic and rationality in our perception of reality. Surviving Life’s plot is based on a view of psychoanalysis, it is full of allusive references and the director’s typical Švankmajer humour.


12:00 a.m. | FRIDAY 10 December 2010 | projection

György Kovásznai | Hungary | 1979 | 79’


Hungarian filmmaker Kovásznai’s feature film embarks upon erotically delicate and socially thorny topics and through the collage method he creates a rich piece of work about Hungarian culture of the time. The film, which is full of tender oil-painting and sharp line-drawings, was completed with a story line intended for adults; this line is thick with avant-garde imaginings.


12:00 a.m. | SATURDAY 11 December 2010 | projection

Ray Nowland | Australia | 1997 | 75'




Ray Nowland’s film Go to Hell! is, in all respects, a gargantuan effort. This mixture of unbelievable adventures involving the extraterrestrial God and his devilish son aims to achieve cult status for the film. Besides a variety of seemingly incongruous motives in this parodic film treasure, there is no lack of various classical film genres.





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