Section Konvikt Resident challenges the architectonic dispositions of the spacious building, the former Jesuit residence, with installations and individual graphic and film projects to create an experimental exhibition space that enables pieces of art to be presented. Within the sections dealing with animation of illustration and colour music, the selected residents - Jan Šrámek,  Matúš Vizár, etc. under the guardianship of Martin Fišr – will occupy the showroom of the festival.

9–12 December | Konvikt

Konvikt | AV instalace | Konvikt Resident

MV: "I will have a wall at PAF (Alex told me it's going to be one of the best) and on this
wall I can project anything I scan from my sketch block. The concept is a festival report,
the reflection drawn at the very moment and at the very place... but if it goes badly, it is
necessary that we expect some perverse motifs and caricatures of Martin Búřil. It will be

9–12 December | Bílá nora | Konvikt

As one of the few graduates of photography, Jiří Thýn made his name outside the field of "pure" photography. In these times of digital photography Thýn analyses the classic analogue photo down to the smallest part of silver in its sensitive layer. He raises the technical procedures of photography itself (e.g. colour blocks or test strips) to works of art. Thýn acknowledges new aesthetic qualities seeking the right way to look at what is pictured, and he also rehabilitates the half-forgotten photogram. Therefore you should not expect another classical photography exhibition when visiting his presentation at PAF.





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