dir. Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, 2009, 75'

It is not very usual to find an animated film at the prestigious film festival in Cannes. Since the time when The Fantastic Planet of René Laloux was a winner, three decades have passed. The comeback has happened to the creators of A Town Called Panic, and it is the first film made with shift animation which has been introduced in Cannes.


dir. Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, USA, 2009, 96'

It has become the rule that we can expect every new piece from the Pixar studio to be successful. At the present time, after the 10th anniversary title, it is possible to say without blushing that the term failure is a dark horse in Emeryville's studio.


dir. Jiří Barta, Czech Republic, 2009, 90'

The personality of Jiří Barta is mostly connected with the masterpiece The Pied Piper and his dreamt-of but unimplemented project, The Golem. Even though these works are, in many aspects, permeated with a gloomy atmosphere and spirituality, we cannot think Barta is unable to tell stories to children.





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