PAF Cult section introduces those personalities whose work defines the field of moving image animation. The Croat, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, the contemporary director of the Department of Animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, ranks highly among film animators, experimental filmmakers (representatives of structural film) as well as videoartists.



On the Visual-Pyramid Train

Every filmmaker is basically a one-eyed Cyclops. Oblivious to space, he sees only a plane, while struggling with time. As if on a long voyage by train, he stares out the window and waits to arrive at last.



Behind his mathematical and rhythmically constructed creations lies an extensive system of references which range from James Joyce and Plato to Stanley Kubrick and the realms of number and symbol in the Kabbalah.





Galeta's works in video excel not only through their radically minimalistic form, but also thanks to their very humorous approach. Here, the artist is frequently his own protagonist.




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