The Other Visions competition has been trying for three years to capture, map and make accessible the interesting works of professionals as well as amateurs. Often hardly classifiable, their work lies on the cross point of classical cinema and fine art; visually and narratively unique films which are on the border of animation and videoart.



The competitions of artists are special things. If there is a public call at their beginning, from which the chosen and awarded works will rise, they are inevitably determined by it. First, who is the target group that should be reached by the call, what type of creators is actually answering the calls, and third, who is the one who makes the selection.



With pride we reveal that there will be three foreign guests in the jury of this year's PAF. The Finnish audiovisual artist, Mia Makela along with a pair of visual artists – Vienna born Martin Arnold and the Zagreb guru of experimental works and animation, Ivan Ladislav Galeta (you can find more about the members of the jury in separate texts).

Daniel Piti¦ün - Ztraceny¦ü architekt

Jan Pfeiffer Prevision / Předpoklad (2009) Length: 10'04''

What comes to mind when looking out of your window? Jan Pfeiffer took a picture of his view. He let the proper experts make comments on the final photography; capturing people, animals, trees, buildings, cars etc. – everything that had been at that very moment in the frame of the view-finder. The question was: What is the prevision of their future? The work tangents the problem of being and time allotted to people and things.





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