HOSTÉ 2008


dir. DON JURWICH USA | 1976 77 mins

The wild 1970s in the whirling pornographic persiflage of some fundamental Westerncivilization fairy tales. Dropouts from the Hanna-Barbera studio have filmed their hidden obsessions.




Anders Morgenthaler | Dánsko, SRN | 2006 | 90 mins.

In the name of Revenge, I curse Porn, which ruined my sister whom I loved so much. Nobody and nothing will stop me in my Godly work. Animated film as a transcription of memory.



John Roecker | USA | 2006 | 75 mins.

The year 3069, the planet Earth turned to a wasteland, only a handful of people has survived. A lonely wanderer discovers a book in a desert, while the main character Charlie makes an attempt for "social change" in L. A. back in 1968.






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