It's always great to be more in touch with the audience, more informal. During the concert I felt confident, everything worked perfectly. And it seemed to me that the audience was really with me. It was cool.

Alva Noto after his concert in cinema Metropol, PAF 2010


For me, the retrospective of Ivan Ladislav Galeta’s films as well as the general dramaturgy of the Festival of Film Animation were the most significant film events of the past year.

Jan Křipač, film historian, Cinepur journal


The Festival of Film Animation became an overall film event and in many aspects influenced Central Europe.

Martin Fišr, fine arts curator, Prostor Zlín – review for fine arts, 2010


The Festival of Film Animation shows high dramaturgical and programme standards and in recent years it has created an adequate alternative to famous festivals without lagging behind in its all-republic and international significance.

Petr Korč, Chairman of the Association of Czech Film Clubs, 2009


The major (and very personal) highlight of the year for me was definitely the festival PAF in Olomouc, at which I always love coming back. At a glance it might seem rather inconspicuous festival, but I am always amazed by the wonderful atmosphere of its venues, by its sensitivity towards the development on the Czech art scene, and by its openness in understanding what can still be taken as animated film, in which PAF is second to none.

Tomáš Dvořák (Floex), musician, 2011


From the marginal film area (as animation can be sometimes understood) emerged very attractive festival for wider audience. It is of course thanks to its excellent programme management, which is a year-round commitment for the festival organizers.

Martin Šenkypl, poet, for cultural biweekly A2, 2012


Martin Blažíček and Martin Mazanec are responsible for the major dramaturgy. Besides guardianship of the videoart, Mazanec introduces his Ryoji Ikeda at the Festival of Film Animation in Olomouc.

Pavel Klusák, music journalist, Respekt weekly


The dramaturgy of Festival of Film Animation in Olomouc is based on the understanding of animation as a free dealing with the moving image in its various forms. Thus the boundaries between film (analogue/digital) and video or the projection in film hall vs. installation in the gallery space are significantly blurred in the festival programme. The works by filmmakers, visual artists and performers are presented in parallel. This way of presenting still creates some confusion in certain segment of the audience and critics, used to traditional (film) definition of animation. On the other hand, it gives PAF the hallmark of absolute uniqueness and of one of the most vibrant festivals in Central Europe.

Jan Křipač, film historian in his article on Other Visions 2013


All levels of production, from marketing to technical delivery, the organization PAF were exemplary, providing the necessary support to ensure a smooth and successful presentation.

Roisin Stimpson, Communications Manager of Europe's leading production agency Forma, 2009


The festival venues are filled with visual sensations permeating diverse artistic fields. PAF – Festival of Film Animation in Olomouc seeks after animation in areas where many others ignore it, and is not afraid of crossing the conventional boundaries of its own name.

Štěpánka Ištvánková, film magazine 25fps, 2013


PAF is strongly addictive – not only for its high-quality and rich programme, but also for the festival is well timed and takes place in very beautiful city...

Miloš Makovský, literary and cultural magazine H_aluze, 2013





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