PAF Art #paf2015


Within the section PAF Art, current international and Czech projects from the field of contemporary visual art will be presented. The programme takes place both in traditional venues (Konvikt, U Mloka Gallery) as well as in public space (the street gallery Vitrína Deniska or the dé gallery located on a regular tram line). Part of the programme is also the ceremony for the ninth annual award for artists over 35 - the Vladimír Havlík award, named after Vladimír Havlík, Olomouc-based performer and teacher and the 2014 laureate.

Guests: Josef Bolf (CZ), Marek Delong (CZ), David Možný (CZ) ad.


David Možný: Open Space


A cut-out from reality in the minimal space of vitrine; in this case a working space in Open Space, presented by the Brno artist David Možný. In an international context he is famous for his music videos and frequent reflections on urbanism, interior design, social dystopia and the DIY phenomenon.



PAFScreenSaver: Animation beyond Animation
3.–6. 12. 2015 | | Konvikt press centrum


It is the second time that ScreenSaverGallery, an experimental exhibition space, has appeared on computer screens in the festival press centre. Thanks to this event, the exhibition Animation Beyond Animation will take place not only at PAF, but also on-line all over the world. Ironically this time screen saver makes artistic strategies and visual processes animate.

The Artist Has a Price: Award from Vladimír Havlík 2015

Award presentation

The ceremonial presentation of the award for artists older than 35 years. The Award is presented as a gesture by younger artists’ and theorists’ to acknowledge artists of the older generation. The laureate for 2015 is Vladimír Havlík. This year’s finalists are: Zbyněk Baladrán, Milena Dopitová, Jaromír Novotný, Jiří Surůvka and Dušan Zahoranský.


Marq Delong & Anna Slama: Sandbox Frontex Litany
3.–6. 12. 2015 | | Konvikt

exhibition, curator – Lumír Nykl                                           

Lumír Nykl: Units of an objective, artificial and artistic environment are usually listed in the description of a work as material preconditions in a submissive status towards the eventual whole. Human experience may appear in a different way if we interpret these (e.g. Perspex, banana, Anna SLama, ABS plastics, stuccoed console, De Long, load covering, wooden joist) as Latour litany.

Ostrý zub


U příležitosti vystoupení Vladimíra Havlíka, který předá štafetové ocenění Umělec má cenu, zahraje též hudebně-performativní kvarteto Ostrý zub. Laureát Havlík tak po ceremoniálu stane na pódiu znovu, tentokrát jako frontman svérázného undergroundového uskupení.

 Alexander Campaz (CO/US): Infinity + 1
3.–6. 12. 2015 | | Konvikt


Since 2012 PAF has been in cooperation with the New York fashion designer Alexander Campaz. He has made designer T-shirts (2012) and scarves (2013) for PAF; in both cases their designs developed from the graphics of the current year of the festival. This year Campaz has prepared a new and unique artistic project – an exclusive collection of designer T-shirts Infinity + 1 in a limited edition.

A Tour Around the Vernissages

The Attic of Konvikt will host four exhibitions this year – Infinity + 1  by the fashion designer Alexander Campaz;  PAFScreenSaver: Animation beyond Animation in the exhibition space of the ScreenSaverGallery; Marq Delond and Anna Slama’s exhibition Sandbox Frontex Litany; the American artist Jonathan Monaghan’s exhibition Escape Pod. A reception will take place on the occasion of the vernissages.





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