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Jiné vize 2012
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17:00 - 23:00 | ČTVRTEK 6. 12. 2012 | sborový sál


Other Visions CZ - round table

11:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3



Within the competition section, focuses on three basic spheres; the distribution, presentation and production of Czech moving images and video in the context of contemporary arts. The first round table with the festival guests is an impulse to an open discussion and a change of the meaning of the curatorial competition.

Other Visions CZ - Kinoaparat.cz

12:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3

presentation – A. Moralesová, M. Strnad, F. Týmal


Kinoaparat.cz is an online platform focusing on film as a specific means of expression. The online project Kinoaparat.cz was launched last year in October. Authors and administrators of the web will briefly guide people through it and outline the implemented and planned activities.

Other Visions CZ – Artyčok.TV

13:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3

presentation – Vjera Borozan, Jiří Havlíček, Johana Švarcová, Jan Vidlička


The web project Artyčok.TV started as the project of students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. It has become an extensive archive with thousands of audio-visual contributions from more than thirty countries all over world. At the same time it is a unique instrument of articulation for the artistic community which has participated in its creation.

Other Visions CZ – Vilém Novák guest of mediabaze

16:00 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3



In his artistic practice Vilém Novák works with the variability of expressing the moving image, with the possibilities of its representation through video, generated images, animation and an object. The series of videos Them was created in his own programmed environment, in which he let beings evolve – creatures of an artificial evolution.



Other Visions 2012

14:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Galerie podkroví

screening of competition videos


The screening of ten selected Czech videos. The curator of the sixth year of the Other Visions competition section is the visual artist and curator Dušan Zahoranský. The winner chosen by the international jury will be announced during the closing ceremony of the festival. 




For the sixth time PAF’s competition category is built on a curatorial selection. This year’s animation and more commonly moving images were chosen by Dušan Zahoranský, a curator of contemporary art and, most importantly, a visual artist and college professor. The aim of the section is to map the origins of film and video production in the Czech Republic from the beginning. These will then be presented (and interpreted) based on the curator’s selections in the film and gallery environment. For the first time it is PAF’s aim to deepen the debate about the curatorship, distribution and archiving of film and video moving images in the Czech context. Representatives of galleries, archives and those activities operating on the border of archiving, other visions 11 other visions the preservation and interpretation of films and videos, are invited.


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