The last summer event will be an open air party with Café Tungsram in Ostopovice near Brno. Saturday, 10th of September, together with Table, Pjoni & Ink Midget, VJ Věra Lukášová, VJ Kolouch, open air cinema etc. The location is reachable by Brno public transport.

paf v létě

During June and July PAF appears in several towns participating in one-day as well as few-day events, parties, concerts, festivals: Břeclav (Piksla), Luhačovice (Vincent), Žilina (Fest Anča), Uherské Hradiště (Summer Film School) ... and for August an event with Čestmír form Brno Tungsram Café is being planned.


The Festival of Film Animation and visual arts PAF took place from the 8th to the14th of May 2011; it was so far the greatest PAF event organized abroad. Within the framework of nine programme blocks, the New York audience became familiarized with Czech audio visual production of 2000 – 2010. The programme consisted of screenings in movie theatres, concerts, audio visual performances and installations in collaboration with New York artists, galleries and movie theatres of Manhattan and Brooklyn.


PAF recommends a partner Olomouc festival AFO that is focused on popular science film production. AFO begins on Tuesday 12th of April, more details here.


PAF is going to present its programme in various places of New York every day from the 8th of May to the 14th of May 2011. Details will follow.


The selection of Other Visions 2010 is be available in Brno Café Tungsram. from the 1st of March 2011. The project is supported by mediabaze.cz.


The shop was expanded and reopened, more information here. You can buy Mikeš, Kubelka, islands, colors, posters as well as nations.

matěj smetana

In cooperation with Gallery 36 and Gallery U Mloka, Matěj Smetana's (until 1st January
2011) and Anežka Hošková's (until 27th January 2011) exhibitions were arranged. We invite
you to Exhibition Grounds in park as well as to Lafayette Street.


The Brno artist David Možný's film Rahova became the winner of the Other Visions competition section. The three-member jury appreciated this film for its excellence, conceptually and technically, in image and sound. According to the jury, the film composites an inside view into the architecture and the elements of construction showing the vulnerability of a formerly pre-fabricated living environment. It shows dystopia in a playful way, rather than depressing. Rahova was also awarded by the audience.


Within the festival of film animation preparations, we made interviews with several artists whose answers will be successively publicized. Peter Greenaway, Martin Arnold, Carsten Nicolai, Aaron Meyers, Georgij Bagdasarov were among the addressed persons. We are beginning with Tomáš Vaněk.


PAF returned from Svátek bláznů and Fest Anča, Žilina and continues in summer tour through Czech and Slovak festivals. On Sunday, 24th of July, PAF appears at the 37th year of Summer Film School, Uherské Hradiště. Few-day PAF programme in Uherské Hradiště becomes a festival of contemporary Czech as well as Slovak arts of moving picture art as well as portfolio of current trends and tendencies within manipulation with moving picture in galleries and cinemas.


Pjoni & Ink Midget's album official launch party takes place on the 10th of June in Meetfactory, Prague. WWW, Napszyklad, Midi Lidi DJs perform at that party too.


PAF invites you to an exhibition opening in The Brno House of Arts, where on Tuesday, the 3rd of May an opening of exhibition called Vystavovatel a jeho diváci ("The Exhibitor and His Spectators") takes place. Martin Mazanec, programme coordinator of PAF, participated in the project as a curator. The exhibition can be seen until the 12th of June 2011.

pjoni&ink midget2

PAF edition in cooperation with labels Exitab and f341 release the desired first album of Ink Midget a Pjoni on the 20th of April. The untitled debut is published in three distributional formats.


The visual artist Michal Pěchouček opens his so far largest exhibition entitled Lessons in Art (The Stone Bell, Prague) on the 15th of March. The conception of the exhibition is composed of two parts, two lessons devoted to the method of filmogram and the theme of Time for Bed. Pavel Švec and Viktor Takáč are the guests of the exhibition.


Andy Fehu made a documentary film about the last year's PAF; you can watch it right now.




new year, PAF will be held again.


The 9th year of the Festival of Film Animation (PAF) has ended. During the four festival days, the audience had the opportunity to watch 172 films grouped into 54 sections. The British cult director Peter Greenaway, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for moving picture cinematography, was the most distinguished guest of the festival. Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto, one of the most significant contemporary audiovisual artists, is among those artists who introduced themselves to the Czech Republic for the first time. Another outstanding event was the world premiere of the gallery video Soft Palate by the Austrian experimentalist Martin Arnold, who preferred Olomouc's premiere to premieres at the Berlin and Rotterdam festivals.


PAF doporučuje velkolepou výstavu Olomoucké baroko, která se odehrává v Arcidiecézním muzeu Olomouc, Muzeu moderního umění a Vlastivědném muzeu.


PAF in Olomouc will be the first occasion of the contemporary visual arts' exhibition. Pavla Sceranková (SK), Jiří Thýn (CZ), Matúš Vizár (SK), Aaron Meyers (US), Martin Búřil and Zdeněk Durdil (CZ), Jan Šrámek (CZ), Anežka Hošková (CZ), Matěj Smetana (CZ) will represent the artists. The exhibitions and installations will take place in Konvikt, Gallery U Mloka and in the premises of 36.

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PAF activities in 2017 have been supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Cinematography Fund, The City of Olomouc, The Olomouc Region and International Visegrad Fund.

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