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Kristýna Lutzová: loginlogout; MANIPUL

16:00 | THURSDAY 6. 12. 2012 | Gallery U Mloka

exhibition opening


Gallery U Mloka will become a shelter for Kristýna Lutzová's object and video. Her loginlogout thematizes the boundary between real and virtual worlds. Under the supervision of Richard Loskot the façade of the opposite building will be put into motion by the animated flashes of the art group from the faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University.

& (Barbora Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek): Pocket Mirror

12:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Corpus Christi Chapel



Creative duo Barbora Trnková and Tomáš Javůrek are currently among the most active Czech artists working with expressive means of net art. They create interactive installations, web applications, pictures of the automatization of eminently human (?) mental processes, prayer fast-foods.

Introduction to: web-based art activities
intro sakr

14:30 | FRIDAY 7. 12. 2012 | Corpus Christi Chapel

lecture with samples – Robert Sakrowski (DE)


If there is an expert on net-based art, who can eruditely speak about its history, present and future, about its "heroic era", the specifications of early net art and about the way this idealistic artistic form has been transformed, it is undoubtedly art historian and curator Robert Sakrowski.

Martin Kohout & Palo Fabuš: What is Skinsmooth?

12:00 | SATURDAY 8. 12. 2012 | CCC



Due to the success of his Internet projects Kohout has not managed to avoid being classified as an Internet artist, although his artistic work, currently performed in Germany, considerably exceeds this scope. He will introduce the sophisticated reception play of his work with the theorist Palo Fabuš.

Maybe there is dark but I can’t see it. Tracing the contemporary Czech net art

20:00 | SATURDAY 8. 12. 2012 | Theatre K3

collective presentation


The PAF Rewind: Net Art section aims to (at least partially) introduce the contemporary Czech netart scene which, due to an insufficient presentation and a high level of segmentation, misleadingly appears to be dead.

(c) merry : The Emergence of an Artist

14:30 | SUNDAY 9. 12. 2012 | Congregation Hall



(c) merry is a Czech artist with a rather disturbing attitude. In her reverse-remediation and conceptual internet projects she explores and exploits the limits of authorship, disrupts the boundaries of on-line and off-line identities and seeks a definition for what is art and who is or can be an artist on the internet.

The Surplus of the Possible and Magnitudes

16:00 | SUNDAY 9. 12. 2012 | Congregation Hall

lecture – Palo Fabuš (SK)


Everyone of you has a statue inside yourself and it is the task of you to discover it, said Michelangelo. If we think hard, it is possible to think about the Internet: what would it be for the arts if it was turnig around? Metaphisically – in fact "internetness"? Are they "more internet" than others? As long as why?



The programme of this year’s PAF Rewind: Net Art section will consist of lectures devoted to early Internet art and its specifics, net art preservation and presentation in form of a theoretical lecture on its contextualization within the contemporary media environment. Critical and theoretically knowledgeable attitudes to the Internet serve as a significant element reflected in works of many contemporary net artists (not only) of the international scene.


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