commented screening – Cecilia Traslaviña, Laura Victoria Delgado
What is the meaning of animation made in Latin America? How does the geography, your place of birth and where you grew up, affect your creativity? The animator and university professor Cecilia Traslaviña will try to answer these question during the screening accompanied by her comments and hopefully she will thus help to create a particular impression of Latin American animation.

Jaime Cifuentes (CO) : Pipo’s Trip

shadow theatre
The Festival of Film Animation introduces a unique Colombian shadow theatre intended (not only) for children. Pipo's Trip (El viaje de Pipo) follows the story of Little Pipo, a mouse, whose classmates usually makes fun of him, so he decides to go on a journey and to seek adventure. After the play, the director will talk about the shadow theatre and invite the spectators to touch and manipulate some of the puppets.

Perpetuum mobile

screening, presentation - Cecilia Traslaviña
The first part of Cecilia Traslaviña and Mauricio Durán's document studies animation as a creative tool. A discussion among animators, musicians andother audio-visual artists about the influence ofthese elements on their work was recorded exclusively for PAF. The screening will be followed by a lecture on various creative processes.

Beyond Animation

discussion – Camilo Colmenares, Diana Menestrey |
A discussion panel about alternatives for Colombian animation in Europe will introduce different areas from traditional narrative animation through several Colombian animated films that exceed the narrative genre. Abstract experimental andnon-narrative videos, essays and authorial documents will be shown.

Contexts of Colombian Animation

screening, presentation – Laura Victoria Delgado
Since the 1960s Colombia has been full of violence. Those generations that grew up in this atmosphere often express their frustration through art. It has resulted in the considerably therapeutic works of Colombian animators who find themselves in the middle of seemingly endless conflicts. The lecture with film fragments focuses on the authors' inner feelings that are revealed by various aesthetic gestures andcreative strategies.

Mysterious Presages of León Prozak

dir. Carlos Santa | CO | 2010 | 80'
A strongly metaphorical work which interprets the modern world as a spectacle. The character of Prozak represents the contemporary intellectual – in this case a man who devotes himself to the creation of ideas and thus betrays himself and his anarchistic beliefs.

Imagined Tropics

screening, introduction – Laura Victoria Delgado
The works we introduce are part of a selection which aims to reveal the effects of the difficult social and political conditions under which our animation history has developed. The selection involves the fundamental film The Passenger of the Night (1989) made by Carlos Santa.





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