PAF 2013 opening ceremony + Blind Love vernissage

PAF 2013 opening ceremony + Blind Love vernissage

The opening ceremony takes place in the Atrium of Konvikt at the opening of the group exhibition Blind Love. A visit to this year's other installations and light refreshments in the attic will follow.

What is Animation? B16 – From Abyssinia to Space


This block contains films by Brno amateur animators, and was originally used at the Brno Sixteen festival. Its name refers to the films Dog Pooch from January 1936 and Cosmic Stories from 1987 since they specify the time span during which were films shown at PAF made.

Věra Ondrašíková & group: Unseen


The group project by choreographer Věra Ondrašíková, singer Johana Švarcová, and programmers Michal Rydl and Michal Cáb. Motion, sound and projection revealing in its closest cooperation, "a story taking place in landscapes seen and heard".

PAF Edition: Fragile Cinema

Presentation + screening
Presentation of one of the new releases in PAF Edition with thematically related video projection. Fragile Cinema documents the curatorial cycle by Martin Mazanec in Youth gallery Brno. With its emphasis on thematic studies and interviews, however, it exceeds expectations normally placed on exhibitions catalogs.

Lunchmeat Visuals Workshop

During an intensive two-day workshop the experienced instructors from the Lunchmeat studio will present eg. the working procedures in the Resolume programme and many other VJ techniques and methods. The outputs and practical attempts will be introduced during festival night programme at Saturday.

Tereza Damcová’s Fairy Tales1

Workshop Tereza Dancová

Before Tereza Damcová spreads out the immense horizons of her phantasy, the PAF audience will have an opportunity to attend a workshop under her supervision, which will involve sewing masks. All you need is a needle, some thread and imagination.

Tereza Damcová’s Fairy Tales  #2

Commented screening

With an ease and playfulness typical of her, Tereza Damcová creates an original world full of imaginary landscapes and fairy tale creatures, a world imbued purely with children's phantasies. She uses patchwork, tiny and extensive drawings, performances, body art and, last but not least, animation, through which she allows PAF audiences a look into this phantasy world.

What is Animation? The Fach & Asendorf Gallery

Screening, loop
The Fach & Asendorf Gallery is the major online exhibition gallery for net art, media art, digital madness and satisfaction. They believe in electricity, bits, brains, glitch and curiosity. The Fach & Asendorf Gallery is our partner. Fach & Asendorf have selected a block of works by various artists for PAF 2013.

PAF Edition: Studio

Presentation – Michal Pěchouček
Release party and presentation of the image catalogue of one of the most prominent Czech visual artists Michal Pěchouček with artist in presence. The catalogue which includes theoretical texts and studies was published this year in PAF Edition under the title Studio.

Shitstorm on Newborn

Online Performance, Ole Fach & Kim Asendorf (DE), 2013
Berlin based digital artists and founders of our partner Internet gallery Fach & Asendorf (, Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach will perform, exclusively for PAF, their original and rather provocative piece on Facebook. Their desktops will be screened in real-time in the Theatre K3.

DJ set tvprodukt vs. emil gorgonzola & VJ set

AV performance

Lesokraj the Story

The family project by Lou and Kuba Sanitráks interconnects the charm of reading and animation. It is set in a world full of fairies and dwarves. Plunge into the story through an interactive book of poetry which is not only for children.

PAF Edition: Gender Stereotypes / Disney: The Aud.

Presentation – Pavel Klusák
The introduction of the publication Gender stereotypes in Walt Disney animation within the PAF Edition will be followed by Pavel Klusák's presentation with musical and audio-visual samples. He will introduce the songs from Disney films as a circulating, collectively shared repertoire

Press Start

Presentation – Pavel Dobrovský, Bohdan Heblík
Press Start, project that focuses on genres, history and contemporary state of video games, will be presented by its authors. They will outline their conclusions on the subjects and will also look at the interconnection of animation and video games.

StopTrik Festival

Presentation – Sabina Psuj (PL)
StopTrik is the international film festival oriented towards stop motion animation in all its forms. The first year of the festival took place in Maribor in August 2011 and immediately attracted a wide range of audiences, including professionals and lay people. The third year's festival took place in September 2013. The festival representatives are pleased to bring the presentation of this unique festival to PAF.

Little Alenáš

Presentation – Matyáš Trnka
Comics have always been a starting point for an intersection of the arts. They connected literature and fine arts. Scriptwriter and director Matyáš Trnka has extended comics by another element – interactivity. He brings his Little Alenáš, an interactive comic, to this year's PAF. The project, which is a comic, audiobook, image gallery and game, all at the same time, was based on Ivan Vyskočil book.

Homo Felix

Screening, introduction – Eliška Děcká

Together with PAF, organizers of Homo Felix magazine have arranged a collection of the most interesting films originating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, specifically focused on (post)student production.

Tito on Ice

dir. Max Andersson | SE | 2013 | 76' | screening

Marshal Tito is back – mummified and safely stored in a handy refrigerator. The film debut of this Swedish comic artist, Max Andersson, is a multi-genre and multi-mood film half-way between documentary and animated film.



One of the guests from the Videgrad Four countries is the Slovak visual artist András Cséfalvay, a winner of Oskár Čepan's Award in 2009. At PAF he presents his latest video Compsognation, which is the climax of the free triptych composed of Lessons in the Vicious Art of M and Getting Pluto.

Café Tungsram Production: Jiří Zykmund

Magic and decadent fairy tale of known Brno café owner and his carriage, in which he travels together with his mobile tent. In it he offers marvelously unusual range of drinks and snacks that have the power to bring their consumers far beyond the borders of normal gastro experience.


Fiordmoss is a Czech band that came into existence in 2008. It was established by Petra Hermanová (vocals) and Roman Přikryl (music). In 2010 the guitar player Jan Baroš joined them. In August Fiordmoss released their new album called Siberia in collaboration with Norweigen producer Jon Eirik Boska.

Ticho de Beige

Ticho de Beige is Barbora Zelníčková's multi-genre one woman project. She is a co-founder of the Žižkov label City Surfer (record, creative label) and the City Surfer Office, a multicultural space in Žižkov. She calls her music folk, ethno, techno, rap and last but not least, flute and love.

Johnny the Horse

Jan Vytiska aka Johnny the Horse (guitar, vocals) released his first eponymous album this November. It includes six punk and post-punk compositions. His concert on Sunday will be a part of closing after-party, that will be as usual taking place in Vertigo Club across the street.


PAF activities in 2017 have been supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Cinematography Fund, The City of Olomouc, The Olomouc Region and International Visegrad Fund.

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