A lecture of the Austrian theoretician Franziska Bruckner, focusing on animated film, will take place at 2 p.m. at the Film Auditorium. She will introduce the visitors the methods and approaches of the avantgarde towards animation.


During the whole Festival of Film Animation the visitors will have the opportunity to see an interactive installation SWING(1) of the audiovisual artist Martin Blažíček at the Centre of Arts of the Palacký University at Konvikt.


While so-called mocap (motion capture) is a useful assistant within the sphere of computer games, military or science, it still arouses inconsistent reactions within the context of animated film, and many theoreticians (including audience) still cannot accept this technology. Is it really such a controversal matter?


The attempt to describe and notionally separate visual context of club scene is the ambition of this year's "accompanying programme" within the framework of Live Animation section. You will have the opportunity to attend several concerts: 1A2V1, Pjoni & Ink Midget + tvprodukt, Kazety, and Like She. Historically first experimental VJ forum will take place at the very noon of the festival's Sunday.


Last year PAF hosted the presentation of an international project with the working title Brendan and the Secret of Kells that had originated under production and artistic supervision of a small, independent Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon.


Mia Makela aka SOLU is another confirmed guest of our festival. She is a Finnish pedagogue, curator, and artist specialized in media and so-called Live Cinema (simultaneous creation of sound and image in real time), whose work has been characterized as „dark visual delirium" and „digital version of William Blake's poetry".


Ivan Ladislav Galeta, the Croatian filmmaker, performer, experimentalist, and pedagogue, will be one of the main guests of this year's Festival of Film Animation. Although his name is quite unknown in our country, he is a crucial figure in the history of animation and generally the film art, which is evidenced by his work being displayed in prestigious cultural institutions, e.g. in the Centre Pompidou in Paris, where he has five films.


Last year's winner of the "Other Visions 008" competition, Martin Kohout (Pash*), exhibits in the gallery Entrance in Prague until 18th October 2009. The exhibition's title is the Directionless Motion.




Contemporary animation, Zlín Exhibition Object of animation. Third sense. The Regional Visual Art Gallery in Zlín, 30th September – 15th November 2009

Concept: F. Cenek, J. Havlíček, M. Mazanec

Authors: F. Cenek & J. Havlíček, M. Kohout, R. Přikryl, P. Sceranková, P. Strouhal, J. Šrámek, V. Takáč, M. Vančát, V. Vaněk, J. Žalio

The opening is on Tuesday, 29th September, at 5 p.m.


One of the confirmed exclusive guests of this year's Festival of Film Animation (10th – 13th December) will be the Austrian visual artist and experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold. He has become famous especially for his work with so called found footage and fragments of classical Hollywood genre films, in which he reveals unthought images that are normally hidden, thanks to additional editing. Arnold changes e.g. shots of family idyl into a fighting scene, uncovers erotic subtext or hidden sources of aggression.


The following links enable you to watch and listen to interviews with the PAF organizers.


2 December was the unofficial beginning of the 8th year of the Festival of Film Animation Olomouc 2009. Since then the exhibition hall of the Gallery U Mloka has been hosting a vernissage called Two Cups of Tea, which presents the production of comics of the Prague artist and scenographer TOY_BOX


We know the finalists of the third year of the competition for films and videos on the border of animation and videoart. They are experienced authors as well as new and promising creators of the Czech art scene.


The artist Michal Pěchouček presented twice his selection of contemporary Czech video during the past years of the festival. This time he comes back within the Aport Animation section to christen his DVDPater Noster Video Stories. It is a video-monography, symbolizing in a certain way the closure of several phases of video production of this artist.


Record twenty films have been nominated for the Oscar for the best Animated Feature Film this year. You will have the opportunity to see five of them at this year's PAF. It is Mary and Max (Australia), A Town Called Panic (Belgium, France, Luxembourg), Up (USA), 9 (USA), and The Secret of Kells (Ireland, France, Belgium)


Simon Bogojević Narath, the art director of the progressive Bonobo studio from Zagreb that is engaged in production and distribution of animated and experimental films, will be one of the representatives of contemporary Croatian animation. The studio was founded in 2008 after the end of the Kenges studio that had successfully functioned in this field for almost ten years.


Soutěž 8. Přehlídky animovaného filmu

Competition of the Festival of Film Animation
The competition OTHER VISIONS intends to honour and make accessible the work of professionals and amateurs who permeate through both the cinematographic and graphic scene.


Písek 25th September, Prague 1st – 3rd OctoberProjections, Schools of animation, workshops, exhibitons.

PAF's associated festival AniFest invites all friends of animated films to a costless meeting with the best from this year's festival.



Organisator of PAF, the non-government organisation PASTICHE FILMZ, is a patron of film program of several autumn evenings in the open area of La Fabrika in Prague. Petr Vlček, member of the organisation, who cooperates with Polish film institutions and festivals in long term, has formed a representative selection of contemporary Polish animation.


PAF successfully presented its new graphic face at the ARS Electronica exhibition in Linz. There is plenty of names from the audiovisual scene that can be count among supporters of the festival's new visual face by Filip Cenek and Magdalena Hrubá.

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PAF activities in 2019 have been supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Cinematography Fund, The City of Olomouc and The Olomouc Region.

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