Other Visions 2012 curator: Dušan Zahoranský

The competition and curatorial selection Other Visions tries to make the current Czech audio-visual production, which lies on the boundary of visual art, video art and animation, more accessible already for the sixth year. Any classical animation, work with manipulated image, text, section of feature film, record of performance etc. is accepted. Consequently, the work with film and video moving images in their largest scale is expected.


PAF recommends Petra Herotová's exhibition in Vitrína Deniska: Věnováno umělci: brýle a koláč (Dedicated to the Artist: glasses and a cake). The opening will take place on Sunday the 16 th of September , 3 pm, at Vitrína Deniska, Olomouc.


(3. – 4. 8. 2012)

Czech music group Table will present their new repertoire at the 1 st Alt30 Festival in Čabiny, Slovakia (3rd to 4th of August, 2012). Their debut album, EP We Are Not Longer The Same (2010), was produced by Festival of film animation, Olomouc (PAF) and has strongly resonated within the critical community and supporters of synthpop and electronic music. The Table duo (Dominik Gajarský and Roman Štětina) and PAF cooperate on a long-term basis, one of the results of this cooperation alsobeing current set of music videos called SOUNDS, CLIPS, VIDEO that will also be presented at the Festival Alt30.


The Festival of Film Animation will have its festival echoes in Granada, Spain. On Wednesday 11 th of April, the Spanish audience will be presented with compilation of ten videos from Other Visions competition, "Caution! Freshly animated". On Thursday, there will be screening of Re-edits, series of appropriations that recycle, update and deconstruct the image of already existing films or other visual works.


PAF 2011 by Andy Fehu

The official documentary of PAF 10th year, 8–11 December 2011


new year, PAF will be held again.


PAF Thursday – Matěj Al Ali and Tomáš Moravec's vernissage of the Competition: Other Visions project, the premiere of Dan Gregor and Tomáš Dvořák's Archifon, Richard Loskot's installation, Anna Balážová and Katarína Hládeková's vernissage, Martin Fafejta's relationships and roles, lowii concert and many others.


The physiologist Jan Mareš will analyse flicker film and his great-aunt's home cinema will be introduced by the theoretician Martina Pachmanová on Saturday. There will be also the concert of Kangding Ray, Martin Kohout's Linear Manual, Martina Pavlátová, Archifon in the chapel, audio-visual performance Stocznia, night stroboscopic noise and 20 more programme items.


Rotoscopic PAF 2011 JINGLE created by Tereza Sochorová, Jan Žalio anf Filip Cenek (Fiume Std)

Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 11.48.51 AM

Scholar Martina Pachmanová will in her lecture introduce the home cinema of Milada Marešová from the 1920s. Coincidentally, the nephew of Mrs. Marešová will be present at PAF - doc. MUDr. Jan Mareš, CSc., head of the Department of Normal, Pathological and Clinical Physiology at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, who will in the lecture on flicker films by Paul Sharits talk about the physiognomy of sight.


PAF is looking for young Czech artists, who are currently active in the sphere of Internet art. On the occasion of program section devoted to net art, PAF seeks after young generation of Czech net artists. Our aim is to create awareness about the existence of young Internet art in the Czech Republic among general public, curators, as well as artists themselves, since there is no big tradition of Internet art in the Czech Republic and individual artists are not organized to the extent common abroad. The result is the apparent 'invisibility' of Czech net art, which is limited to independent art projects, often hitting the misrecognition and misunderstanding, preventing artists from continuity of work.


PAF participates on yearlong curatorial program Fragile Cinema in Youth Gallery (Galerie Mladých), Brno. The fourth exhibition is a project by Jiří Kotrla 'Ordinary Language'.

Opening of the exhibition will take place on Tuesday, 4th of September, 5.30 pm.


The exhibition of Czech artist, musician and set designer Dominik Gajarský DOCUMENT MECHANIC takes as its inspiration real environments and stylized moments from life of distinct personality of Czechoslovak interwar period, a dance choreographer and representative of modern dance, Milča Mayerová.

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 10.27.17 AM

Tomáš Dvořák (Floex) and Dan Gregor (Initi) have published detailed documentation of theirarchitectonic musical instrument Archifon I., interactive installation made for the Olomouc Baroquede-baptized chapel, that was presented in December at PAF.


A short playful video entitled ROTOPIFPAF made by means of rotoscoping technique originated as a result of an intensive PAF 2011workshop. Under supervision of animators Martin Búřil and Matúš Vizár, the group of registered participants used individual fragments of live action (both already existing sequences, e.g. from Matrix and visual production of WWW musical formation, and their own recordings) and successively redrew into animation.


The curatorial Other Visions competition that oriented towards mapping audio-visual production in the Czech context, has announced this year's winners. Pavel Ryška, this year's curator, selected 10 films to be screened at the festival out of the 46 that were registered. The international jury consisting of Bob Sabiston, Iván Forgács and Birgitt Wagner gave the award to Alexandra Moralesová for her audio-visual work Skin (2011) and she thus becomes the first female award winner in the five year history of the competition.


PAF Friday – lectures and screening about beauty, Snow White, Betty Boop, presentation of darkness and light of screening rooms. Two new Martin Arnold's videos will be introduced; you can also visit performance Kinéma, Tim Hecker's concert, Anthony McCalls's screening without any screen, DJ Floex and many others.


Brief invitation for each festival day. We are beginning with the last one. There will be the premiere of Zorya project (Floex and Veronika Vlková) in Olomouc. Pavel Sterec will introduce the performance entitled Evening Star, Rafani's new film about nights and darkness in Prague will be screened, Matěj Dostálek will speak about Scrooge McDuck. All installations, loops and screenings will be on. There will be a party in Vertigo Club. More information here.


The curator of the competition Other Visions 2011, Pavel Ryška, chose the final ten films to be screened and installed at PAF. In the international jury will be the American animator Bob Sabiston, representative of Austrian festival Tricky Women, Birgitt Wagner, and Hungarian artist Iván Forgács. The award will be donated by Adobe company, the Audience Award remains surprise.


During PAF will, for the very first time in the Czech Republic, perform French visual artist and musician David Lettelier aka Kangding Ray, who refers to his music as "conceptual bass music" and on his records enjoys the cooperation with Ben Frost or Alva Noto. Ray is one of the youngest in German label Rater-Noton. His show, as well as the presentation of visuals and animations he is using during concerts, will both take place on Saturday 10th of December.

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PAF activities in 2019 have been supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Cinematography Fund, The City of Olomouc and The Olomouc Region.

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