Call for authors to submit their works for the 8th year of  the only competition section  of PAF  - OTHER VISIONS 2014!

Works can be submitted via on-line form prior to October 20, 2014.


We are very happy to announce that Marika Kupková, the art curator and film historian, becomes the curator of Other Visions competition section at PAF 2014.



July 22nd, 6 pm is the time for opening of Blue Box, exhibition by winners of Other Visions 2013 in AMU Gallery (GAMU). The exhibition has been prepared in collaboration with PAF and will last till the end of August.


Even this year, PAF was invited to participate in the programme of the well known multi-genre festival LUHOVANÝ VINCENT. At the end of June, the Luhačovice colonnades were brightened up by a PAF dramaturge Jiří Neděla. He held a talk on a specific animation technique – the so called rotoscoping.


The Czech and Slovak experts on new media and media arts met in Zilina on the occasion of the thirteenth year of the Multiplace festival (SK, CZ, PL, BE). Alexandr Jančík and Marie Meixnerová, representing the Festival of Film Animation, took part in the festival and introduced their presentations.

"Multiplace FX 2014: Symposium for digital survivors" took place on Friday, 23 May 2014 and was freely accessible to public.


PAF invites you to a composed evening prepared in cooperation with Vitrína Deniska and Theatre Na Cucky, Pastiche Filmz and Vertigo Club. Series of vernissages, presentations, concerts and VJ sets takes place on Tuesday, 22nd of April in Olomouc.


The first year of REC FEST, the festival of UTB students' films, took place from 24 to 25 March in Zlín.


The winner of the best animated film won a voucher including two accreditations for PAF 2014 (4–7 Dec 2014) made by Fiume Std. 


V nakladatelství Casablanca vyšla obsáhlá kniha o filmu Kuchař, zloděj, jeho žena a její milenec britského režiséra Petera Greenawaye. Jejím autorem je filmový teoretik a editor kolektivní monografie Genderové stereotypy v animované tvorbě Walta Disneyho (Edice PAF, 2012) Zdeněk Hudec.


The initiated project of the interactive book intended for children "Lesokraj the Story" by Lou and Kuba Sanitrák, which was presented at PAF 2013 in December, is very close to its completion. However, so that the application, within which a participant can both play and read, could catch sight of the real world, it urgently needs the help of the public.


On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of February 2014 will be held in Veselí nad Moravou, Czech Republic, audiovisual festival reVIZOR. For the third year of this young festival, part of its programme has been prepared by PAF. You can look forward not only to screenings, but also to solo exhibition of Olomuc-based artist Martin Fišr in Panský dvůr gallery or concert of DJ Sestra & Karel lv.


PAF Art 2013 programme section consisting of installations within PAF was reflected in the current issue of Flash Art, the prestigious journal focusing on contemporary art.


On Wednesday, 16 July, 7 pm the opening of another exhibition will také place in Vitrina Deniska, Olomouc. The opening of night&dream exhibition by the Slovak post Internet artist Toast McFarland will be followed by the prsentation of her work.


Festival Forum, a meeting of representatives of central Europe animation and animated film festivals, took place in Žilina. Festival Forum was one of many items the programme of our befriended festival Fest Anča (18-22 June 2014) offers. PAF also participated in the meeting.


V pátek 13. června proběhne 5. ročník festivalu VLNA, organizovaného v bývalém areálu brněnské Vlněny. Chátrající, skrytá, opuštěná fabrika na zpracování ovčí vlny nedaleko hlavního nádraží, špulky od nití a projekce Jiných vizí 2013.


Martin Mazanec and Martin Búřil gave their lectures on Wednesday, the 7th of May and on Thursday, the 8th of May 2014 within the non-film programme of the ANIFILM festival in Třeboň.

They dealt with Animation of light and Animation of space. They will present those situations in which animated film is not subject to classic production and projection laws and in which animation processes develop light objects, statues, events in public space and performance.


On Tuesday, 15 April 2014, the composed "Videoart evening" took place in the Scala cinema, Brno. The event was prepared within the Audiovize project and the selection of screened videos was arranged by the Festival of Film Animation as well.


On Tuesday, 25 March at 6 pm another opening took place in Vitrína Deniska exhibition premises in Olomouc. As usual, the opening of Composition VII exhibition was followed by the presentation of the present artists' work.

OPEN CALL / Other Visions SK


The competition and curatorial selection Other Visions SK aims to map out the current Slovak audio visual production that find itself on the on the border of fine arts, video art and animation.




PAF is in cooperation with Slovak film magazine Kinečko releasing DVD Other Visions 2013 containing the final ten of our competition films.

The DVD comes as an insert in the current issue of Kinečko which is devoted to Czech cinematography (February-March). In this issue you can also read an interview with our head programme manager Martin Mazanec on PAF and our competition section Other Visions.


An article about PAF was published in the February issue of Art + antiques journal.

The text entitled "Expanded Animation – Moving Audio-visual Fascination" does not focus on the last year, but deals with PAF comprehensively...

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