Animation of light, animation of a cinema auditorium, light of projection, darkness and flicker effect are the central themes for a series of lectures, installations and presentations. Light and darkness are two basic elements of moving pictures. A fascination with pre-cinematographic principles of animation is reflected in image projection, light animation of the interwar avant-garde and utopian projects of the present day. The section is devoted to non-traditional animation techniques and focuses on light editing, animation of luminous objects and construction of screening premises.

Emphasis will be placed on a considerable amount of darkness and the spectators' imagination during the projections, live performances and presentations. References to optic and physiological experiments from the late 19th century, produced by Jan Evangelista Purkyně are as significant for dramaturgy as the Austrian architect Frederick Kiesler's visionary projects of cinemas and institutional criticism of the period of expanded cinema and attempts for the existence of a filmless cinema. Literality in animation is illustrated by a luminous object and a statue created by the projection of animation in a dark cinema auditorium without a screen – Line Describing a Cone (1973) by Anthony McCall. On the other hand, a metaphor of cinema animation and illusion of film experience will be expressed by the concert of a Canadian musician working with sound intensity and space disposal, Tim Hecker. The concert (installation) will take place in the absolute darkness of a cinema as a very indirect reference to Lousie Lawler's A Movie Without the Picture (1979) that consisted of the projection (installation) of film sound tracks in dark cinemas.

7:00 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | CCC

premiere of installation – Dan Gregor & Tomáš Dvořák

This time the opening ceremony takes place in Corpus Christi Chapel and will be interconnected with the audio-visual installation Archifon I. Its aim is to transform the spiritual premises into a giant musical-optic instrument that will be played in real time by beams of light.


8:00 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | FA

performance – Jan Kulka




This experimental projection mechanism was freely inspired by observation of the subjective optical sensations implemented by Jan Evangelista Purkyně in the 19th century. Dissolving rotating figures form bizarre images, depending on the amount of light and the rate of motion.


10:30 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | T

AV performance – J. Pastirčák, K. Sido, I. Rjabinin



This is a musical performance accompanied by live painting transformed into light tracks suggestive of interstellar space. The musical component will be created by Jonatán Pastirčak (Pjoni) and the visual component by painter Katarína Sido and programmer Igor Rjabinin.


12:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | T

presentation – Richard Loskot


Darkness and the effect of the unseeable is a mystery. Why is the night sky full of so many stars yet not as bright as during the day? The presentation and lecture given by visual artist Richard Loskot will be based on an analysis of his works; of light experiments and the explication of light from a physical and astronomical point of view.


2:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | T

lecture – Martin Blažíček

The question, "What is film?" might be answered on the basis of watching such films where the projection screen is lit up with bulbs. During these happenings the film strip is being sewn on a sewing machine and there will be performances where only the author and the animation of light and space create the film.

5:30 pm–12:00 am | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | CH

presentation – loop

Austrian artist Martin Arnold returns for the third time to the Festival of Film Animation and after last year's world premiere he brings two new videos Self Control and Haunted House, in which he develops and brings to perfection his study of animated films, including the iconic figures of Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry.


7:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | T

theatre + performance




This is an amateur, popular/educative theatre performance with light images and puppets. The performance features Jan Evangelista Purkyně, the physiologist and film prophet, Václav Tille, the author of the oldest Czechoslovakian theoretical essay on film, called Kinéma (1908), and Alexander Hackenschmied, the author of the first Czechoslovakian avant-garde film Aimless Walk (1930) along with many others. It will be preceded by the presentation of the projection mechanism Magic Box.


8:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | WB

5:30 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | WB


AV performance – Markéta Cilečková & Dušan Urbanec


This is an audio-visual performance based on the processing of analogue and digital light resources, shadows and documentary visual and audio information. Luminous prism is an independent sculpture and at the same time a closed environment within which Markéta Cilečková and Dušan Urbanec arrange both real and fictive shadow plays.


9:30 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | MC


This Canadian musician works with the sonic sound surfaces of "disintegrated" cathedrals; organ records from a church in Reykjavík became the object of Ravedeath, 1972. With Ben Frost, he used them to create the audio. The epic quality of Hecker's music show along with aspects of the physical materialization of sound during a live performance will be present within the spectral darkness of the biggest cinema in Olomouc.


11:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | T

installation – screening without a screen


This film, which consists only of a gradually expanding cone of light in space, is a radical abstraction of pure light screening and at the same time its perfect manifestation in space. In this work Anthony McCall removed the screen as the place where beams and substance usually collide.


12:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | FA

screening, introduction – Martin Čihák


What is the sound of a falling tree if nobody is around to hear it? Many of the real breakthroughs of cinema escape without being noticed, while others, fakes, become part of a dubious film history. One such neglected turning point in the history of cinema is the movie by Gábor Bódy, Amerikai anzix.


2:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | FA

projection, discussion – Matěj Strnad and Jan Mareš

Flicker film might be seen through the eyelids. Flicker film might be perceived without the involvement of higher cognitive functions. These effects and features of flashing light, or more precisely the technical and physiological principle in their background are labelled as the flicker effect. A film by Paul Sharits, Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller will be shown.


4:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | T


French musician and visual artist David Lettelier, aka Kangding Ray, creates visual arts and deals with the development of kinetic audio installations. In Olomouc Kangding Ray will, besides concert synesthesia, present the means of live performance visualisation.

7:00–8:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 |CH

4:30–5:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | CH


Józef Robakowski is a celebrity of Polish experimental film, video and conceptual arts, whose work is constantly updated. The video Attention: Light! is a reminiscence about Robakowski's colleague and friend, the American experimental filmmaker and representative of so-called structural films – Paul Sharits.

8:00–9:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | CH

5:00–6:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | CH


The video Resolution is about the reconstruction of a memory (or only a reminiscence about the environment) that appears in the background of the flashing darkness of the projection, with flashes of individual points of image in the form of commentary. There are 3000 points, each one glints for 40 milliseconds and they are randomly exchanged during a two-minute interv


9:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | JTC


For the very first time in the Czech Republic, French visual artist and musician David Lettelier aka Kangding Ray will perform. He refers to his music as "conceptual bass music". On the same day David Letellier will introduce his concert visualisations and animation.


9:00–11:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | CH

6:00–8:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 |CH

AV installation

Bagdasarov contributes to the theme of Light and Darkness of Live Animation with a video that originated within the Framework of the residency he underwent during the summer of 2011 in Buffalo. "Cinematic darkness is an installation which projects hand printed films through custom-coded DVD. The DVD itself is not just a passive container for the film but create a self-generated sequence of images which are projected in the darkness."

12:00 am | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | T

AV performance – Martin Blažíček & Michal Cáb

This mutually explored field represents the measure of expression, the boundary of perception and the physiological limits of hearing and sight. The new collaboration between Michal Cáb and Martin Blažíček within the digital world continues from their previous performance Microloops. Warning: The performance contains strong stroboscopic effects. After previous experiences we strongly encourage visitors to consider their potential health complications.


2:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | CH

performance, presentation

Pavel Sterec is a visual artist whose work contains many historical references, taken from museum collections and omitted sections in archives and social situations. He draws attention to deep-rooted experiences through the schematism that is present in the behaviour and habits of a civilisation. The visual experiments by the 19th century physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkyně were the prototype for the individualized screening.





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