Konvikt Resident wants the vast building of the former Jesuit College in which the festival takes place to be fully used. The area of Konvikt is a target place for the presentation of individual artistic and film projects. This year's residency was accepted by Veronika Vlková and Richard Loskot.

5:00 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | GUM

vernissage – Tomáš Moravec, Matěj Al-Ali

Recollections of previous years of the Other Visions competition represent individual works in random sequence by means of a series of imaging mechanisms and insights into an inner, constantly ruminating archive memory.

6:00 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | VD

vernissage – Anna Balážová & Katarína Hládeková

The exhibition At first intense light, then a heavy blow is a slight digression from the authors' long-term work on common animation and their efforts to reconstruct it in a small model in size of new Olomouc exhibition premises called Vitrína Deniska that is intended for presentations of contemporary visual arts.

8:30 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | T

AV performance – V. Vlková, J. Šrámek, A. Koutný

This independent formation of artists and musicians from Brno, consisting of Veronika Vlková, Antonín Koutný and VJ Kolouch, strives for the creation of intensive moods and experiences proceeding from precisely formed visuality and intuitive sound improvisation.


8:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | T

AV performance | Konvikt Resident


Ten years after releasing the cult debut Pocustone, multimedia artist Tomáš Dvořák (Floex) has come up with a second serial album Zorya. In cooperation with visual artist Veronika Vlková, Olomouc will host the premiere of the scenic form of this electronic-acoustic album which has been announced by many musical servers as the event of the year.

8–11 December | Atrium

AV installation| Konvikt Resident

As part of his residency at PAF, Richard Loskot has prepared two projects. The light animation in the Atrium of Olomouc Konvikt is entitled Between Everything and Nothing. It is an installation in space that works with scenographic elements and tension during the creation of a light object whose development and realization has attributes comparable to kinetic art captured on film or video.

8–11 December | Gallery Attic

AV installation | Other Visions

Ten selected competition "moving pictures" will also be installed during PAF in the loft of Konvikt. This year they will be under the curatorship of Pavel Ryška. The winning film and the audience award will be announced at the closing ceremony of PAF.

8–11 December | Corpus Christi Chapel

AV installation | Light and Darkness of Live Animation

Archifon I is a giant musical instrument that can be played by the audience by means of lasers. It is an android astronomical clock whose building elements are the authors' free associations inspired by the interior situation of the chapel and its driving force of the interaction of individual installation participants.

10 December | Auditorium | 8:30, 10:30 pm

AV installation | PAF Rewind: Rotoscopy

Austrian visual artist Oliver Laric (1981) concentrates, sorts and recycles the visual materials available online in the virtual space of the internet. In his video 2000 Cliparts (2010), Laric animated a number of drawings taken from various sources depicting human figures (athletes, dancers, mannequins etc.) in different positions.

8–11 December | Konvikt

AV installation | Goys and Birls in Animation

Michaela Pavlátová's installation is, with respect to content, a return to her favourite topic of complicated partner relationships. However, with respect to form she leaves narrative animation and instead reveals hidden meanings by means of repetitive loops screened on two screens.

Martin Arnold, Georgij Bagdasarov, Oliver Laric, Józef Robakowski, Jan Šerých

9–11 December | Congregational Hall

presentation – loop | Light and Darkness of Live Animation

9 December | Congregational Hall

presentation – loop | Light and Darkness of Live Animation

Austrian artist Martin Arnold returns for the third time to the Festival of Film Animation. After last year's world premiere he brings two new videos Self Control and Haunted House, in which he develops and brings to perfection his study of animated films, including the iconic figures of Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry.

10–11 December | Congregational Hall

AV installation | Light and Darkness of Live Animation

Bagdasarov contributes to the theme of Light and Darkness of Live Animation with a video that originated within the Framework of the residency he underwent during the summer of 2011 in Buffalo. "Cinematic darkness is an installation which projects hand printed films through custom-coded DVD. The DVD itself is not just a passive container for the film but create a self-generated sequence of images which are projected in the darkness."

10–11 December | Congregational Hall

AV installation | Light and Darkness of Live Animation

Józef Robakowski is a celebrity of Polish experimental film, video and conceptual arts, whose work is being constantly updated. The video Attention: Light! is a reminiscence about Robakowski's colleague and friend, the American experimental filmmaker and representative of the so-called structural films – Paul Sharits.

0–11 December | Congregational Hal

AV installation | Light and Darkness of Live Animation

The video Resolution is about the reconstruction of a memory (or only a reminiscence about the environment) that appears in the background of the flashing darkness of the projection with flashes of individual points of image in the form of commentary. There are 3000 points, each one glints for 40 milliseconds and they are randomly exchanged during a two-minute interval.

10–11 December | Congregational Hall

loop | PAF Rewind: Rotoscopy

In the figurative essay Versions (2010), Oliver Laric employs intentional and unintentional variations of the same image and thus shows that the tendency to imitate or vary works of art was prevalent even in antiquity. The phenomenon of variation is present also in modern visual media, as shown in a comparison of two identical sequences from different animated film

8–11 December | Konvikt

installation – Tomáš Moravec, Matěj Al-Ali | Other Visions

8 Dec 2011–18 Jan 2012 | Gallery U Mloka

installation – Tomáš Moravec, Matěj Al-Ali | Other Visions

Anna Balážová & Katarina Hládeková

8 December 2011–15 January 2012 | Vitrína Deniska

exhibition | Aport Animation

The exhibition At first intense light, then a heavy blow is the authors' slight disgression from the longterm process of work on a common animation entitled Půda, pevná, and their struggle to reconstruct it in a small model.


9–11 December | AGD

workshop | lectors: Martin Búřil and Matúš Vizár | PAF Rewind: Rotoscopy

For the whole period of the Festival of Film Animation there will be a workshop within which the participants will have the opportunity to try both the authorial joys and the pitfalls of rotoscoping. Under the supervision of Czech (Martin Búřil) and Slovak (Matúš Vizár) animators, they will create a short film that will be shown at the closing ceremony of PAF.





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