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The first PAF 2011 section Goys and Birls in Animation. Thanks to its pleasant visual appeal traditional narrative animation can easily confuse the audience through its appearance because at first sight it might seem to be light-hearted children's amusement. Similarly the term "gender" in the Czech environment is often distortedly presented as some kind of alien bogey. This year PAF decided to face similar prejudices and to provide the audience with "other reading" of classical animated stories within several gender-related thematic blocks (Fairy Tales Inside Out, Heroines, Female Sexuality, etc.).

Films from such significant authors as Vera Neubauer, Signe Baumane, Ruth Lingford and Monique Renault will be shown in the presence of prominent Czech gender experts, who will enrich each block with a short lecture. We will reveal the meaning hidden in the drawings and we will even show the lesser known works of several unjustly neglected female artists. The art historian Martina Pachmanová will introduce the original Milada Marešová's Home Cinema for the first time in front of an animation audience. As the title of the whole section suggests, there will be some animation exaggeration and feminist humour.


9:00 pm | THURSDAY 8 December 2011 | FA

projection; introduction – Martin Fafejta


Animated film can depict gender stereotypes because of its language full of simplification and exaggeration. However, thanks to its imagination and symbolism it can reveal the hidden heart of such matters as partnership and family conflicts and misunderstandings.


12:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | FA

ecture with samples – Eliška Děcká, Iva Baslarová and Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová




This interactive lecture with samples will offer an unusual view of a couple of iconic and still medially omnipresent figures in the history of film animation, from the viewpoint of gender studies. What in fact lies behind Betty Boop's flirtatiousness and Snow White's sweet smile?


4:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | FA |

projection; introduction – Iva Baslarová


How does an ideal partner look? Is fat really a problem? Who decides about who is ugly and who is beautiful? Since animation does not have to depend on living actors, it can randomly work with the proportions of its characters and thus can capture the bizarre aspects of the chase for the myth of beauty with greater force than a feature film.


8:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | FA

projection; introduction – Blanka Knotková-Čapková

The fairy tale world with its brave princes and charming princesses is only seemingly far far-away from the real world. If Little Red Riding Hoods suddenly start eating wolves and princesses start struggling with dragons during a break from doing the laundry, it might suggest that something is being changed in our society.

hrdinky 2_penguins_behind_bars_janet perlman

12:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | T

projection, commentary – Michaela Pavlátová



The block will introduce animated films that have more or less proceeded from the real lives of the animators. The animators recollect their childhood, their setbacks in love and motherhood. Michaela Pavlátová will personally introduce her internet project Laila.


4:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011| FA

presentation, projection – Birgitt Wagner (A)

The Vienna festival Tricky Women, which concentrates exclusively on the production of female filmmakers, has celebrated ten years of its existence. Birgitt Wagner from Tricky Women will speak about the concept and philosophy of this unusual festival. At the same time several short films shown at Tricky Women festivals in the past will be screened.


6:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | T

lecture – Martina Pachmanová



Art historian Martina Pachmanová will introduce and show that the original works of artist and animator Milada Marešová interconnected the worlds of broadside ballads, visual arts, penny dreadfuls and simple animation methods in order to create the 1920s original Home Cinema.


7:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | T

projection; introduction – Lucie Jarkovská

Feature film is said to depict things as we can really see them, animated film is said to depict them as they really are. It is especially true of the depiction of sexuality. Moreover, if we look through female animation eyes, we can get to know many interesting things (orgasms, menopause, penises...) as well as laugh loudly.

hrdinky 2_penguins_behind_bars_janet perlman2

10:30 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | FA

projection; introduction – Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová

It is an usual method to animate one's characters according to one's own gestures and movements. Therefore it is not surprising that the growing number of female animators in recent years has accounted for a greater number of significant heroines in animation.

12:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | FA

presentation – Matěj Dostálek

The Duck Tales and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers series represent the American republican ideology of conservative values of the 1980s. It centres around family as well as the traditional arrangement of gender roles, while they use models to bring up a new generation of patriarchal society, where male heroes represent the procreative force.


2:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | MC

dir. Byron Howard, Nathan Greno | USA | 2010 | 96'


The works of the Brothers Grimm have accompanied Disney production from the first feature film success, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs up to their recent fairy-tale, Tangled. The story of Rapunzel, a kidnapped princess, and her early life subjected to the will of a bewitching stepmother, is described within the intention of Disney's traditionalism with all typological as well as gender stereotypes.





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