Aport animation is a platform for the presentation of new projects as well as the return of filmmakers and artists who have been cooperating with PAF in the long term. This year is unique in this respect because it is the first time the monographic catalogues (Martin Kohout, Jan Šrámek aka VJ Kolouch) have been published within the PAF edition. There will be the premiere of the visual concert performance of Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex, together with the visual artist Veronika Vlková. Internet projects dealing with cultural phenomena and other projects that we follow, either from the very beginning or in the continuous process of development, will be introduced.


11:00 am | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | FA

presentation of Lukáš Gregor's book


Walt Disney ranks among the indisputable legends of film animation. Lukáš Gregor's latest book Typology and Behaviour of characters in Walt Disney Company Film Animation dealing with Disney's work from this unusual point of view, will be introduced during this year's PAF. The presentation of the book will be accompanied by samples.

4:00 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | CH

presentation – Anna Balážová & Katarína Hládeková

The creative team Anna Balážová and Katarína Hládeková, whose exhibition Bread greased with wind on both sides will decorate the exhibiton premises of Vitrína Deniska, will introduce their present common work.

10:30 pm | FRIDAY 9 December 2011 | FA


CAUTION! FRESHLY ANIMATED is a mutual project of three-city festival Animation Now! and the Festival of Film Animation PAF Olomouc. This trilingual DVD compilation contains 10 contemporary Polish films chosen from a national competition and 10 Czech works chosen by a curator from the years 2007–2011. There will be a screening of the Polish section called Young Polish Animation.


11:00 am | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | CH

presentation – Martin Kohout




A collaboration between Martin Kohout and Rasmus Svensson. The festival program gives you the unique opportunity to hear them during a broadcast from Norwegian waterfalls and to find out more about the publication Linear Manual which they are working on at the moment and which collects theoretical, epic as well as visual contributions. It will be published within the PAF edition.

2:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | CH

presentation – Pavel Ryška

This lecture by the historian of animation and the visual artist Pavel Ryška will deal with Czechoslovak graphics of the1950s and will introduce the on-line archive padesatky.info, investigating the illustration and typography of that period.


3:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | CH

presentation – Jan Šrámek


In cooperation with PAF, the visual artist Jan Šrámek publishes a monographical book of illustration entitled The Lost Perspective. Significant geometric stylization at first sight partly refers to visual shortcuts used by the Czech director and artist Zdeněk Miler. Unusually the book will be presented as a moving slideshow.


11:00 pm | SATURDAY 10 December 2011 | CH





4:00 pm | SUNDAY 11 December 2011 | FA

dir. Rafani | Czech Republic | 2011 | 82' | projection



Performers of the artistic group Rafani come with their film debut 31 Endings / 31 Beginnings, which might be the beginning of a new chapter in their work. 21 personalities, predominantly from the sphere of contemporary art, noise music and political activism put in an appearance in the film.





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