This is now the third time that Live animation has been presented at PAF. It is a kind of animation that originates in the real time of projection. Presentations and a working analysis in combination with audiovisual performances, will point out the transformation of techniques applied during live visual performances.



Finnish media and live cinema artist, teacher, investigator, curator and cultural activist. Her work has been described as "A dark delirium of images, a disintegrated vision on a complex world – a digital version of William Blake's poetry".




Ken Jacobs is one of the greatest personalities of avant-garde cinema. His extensive work smoothly proceeds between the forms of film, video and live performance and oscillates around the appropriation of found material. In an artistic career which has spanned over 50 years, we can find radical revisions of basic cinematic principles and original deconstruction of film aesthetics and narrative..




How We Do It

The principle of on-the-spot animation and live analog mixing was discovered several years ago for the Czech Vj's scene by the group of visual artists Pure A. Two Dead Police, One for Hope and One for Peace is an outcome of the cooperation between its creators and this Vj group. The working technique of Pure A is different to what the audience is used to seeing from standard Vjs. Vjs conventionally use prefabricated material and video loops that are mixed live during the action; in analog animation most of the visual output is created on the spot. This way of working is naturally reflected in the visual quality, playfulness and unusual poetics of the final production.

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It is the ambition of this year's „accompanying programme" of the Live Animation section to theoretically separate the visual contexts of the club scene. The focus is upon the VJ element of club performances, in which manipulation with moving images occurs within the real time of concerts. These will be split over two nights and will take place in different spaces and as such are intended for different viewers and their diverse perceptions (theatre hall or cellar pub). You will have the opportunity to watch VJs in the twilight of a room or on stage as a part of the physical presence of the music body...





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