It is a significant asset of the Festival of Film Animation to discover international cinematographies that are not so familiar to Czech audiences.





The history of animation immediately after World War II mentions the Czechs (Trnka, Zeman, and Brdečka), Americans (Bosustow and UPA) and Canadians (McLaren) as the pioneers of media avant-gardism after the weary Disney monumental feature film concept of animated drawing.



Croatian animation has been influenced since its beginnings by the partial isolation of Yugoslavia from the rest of the world. There were no specialized books.





The history of Croatian animation is inevitably connected with the era of the so-called Zagreb School of Animated Films. It was established in the 50s and has had an immense influence on the history of animation.




A cross section: The best of Croatian animation in the period between 1969 and 1987. The Zagreb School was still on top.





Zagreb Film was established as early as 1953 and is considered to be the most significant producer and distributor of Croatian animated films. It has produced more than six hundred animated films.




The progressive studio Bonobo, based in Zagreb, is oriented on the production and distribution of animated and experimental films.




The last block of Croatian animation focuses on student productions over the past ten years. The selection of mostly graduation works, whose authors are graduates of the Department for Animated Film and New Media in Zagreb, has been made by this year's PAF Cult, Ivan Ladislav Galeta.






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