This year there will be a new program section: Aport Animation. Its aim is a systematic presentation of the activities of other festivals (Fest Anča, Kesckemét), of original projects (Anna Pankiewicz), or of hardly classifiable works balancing on the edge of animation (computer games, space visualization etc.). Aport Animation gives space for mapping the work of artists introduced by PAF in previous years − in another nexus with other projects (Floex, Michal Pěchouček, Martin Blažíček).


Swing is an interactive video-installation which uses and enlarges the montage techniques of structural film in a communication play between the audience, the cine-camera, the projection and an everlasting metamorphosis of the image time flow.




A unique presentation of a new project by the Amanita Design team – flash game Machinarium. It is a remarkable puzzle/adventure game based on drawing and its animation.




This section will present the contemporary production and animation background of two countries from the Central European area – Hungary and Slovakia. The presentation of the Hungarian animated films is a result of the co-operation with the partner organization, the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival.



Tomm Moore | Ireland, France, Belgium | 2009 | 75 min. 

Last year's PAF guest presentation of an international project had the working title Brendan and the Secret of Kells, and originated under the production and artistic supervision of a small independent Irish animation studio, Cartoon Saloon.


The beginning of Anna Pankiewicz's career was represented by a series of short animated films that were screened under one title, 11 short animations.



pechoucek 3

The compilatory video-monography of visual artist Michal Pěchouček reflects the history of his creation of moving images, which he sees as temporary or fully completed.




The Two Cups of Tea exhibition enables you to taste the production of comics by a young Czech draughtsman and scenographer known as TOY_BOX.







Aktivity PAFu v roce 2019 podpořili: Ministerstvo kultury České republiky, Státní fond kinematografie, Statutární město Olomouc a Olomoucký kraj a Praha 7.

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