HOSTÉ 2008


The aim of cycles such as Live Animation, Other Visions 008, Konvikt Resident, and this year´s PAF Cult is to monitor the processes of a moving picture on film and video.





The crucial figure of the world's minimalism – a Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda will present a ravishing audiovisual performance datamatics [ver.2.0].



'Polyekran' is a special Czech term compounded from two foreign words – Greek poly (more) and French ecran (screen). First used by the Research Institute of Audio, Image and Reproduction Technique in Prague, it was shown for the first time at the EXPO Exhibition 1958 in Brussels in the Czechoslovak pavilion.



Lecturer: Martin Bernátek

The lecture focuses on the scenic aspects of technical and staging principles of polyekran, considering its functions from an early era until present day.




For three evenings the theatre is going to be given over to contemporary audiovisual performances of the art formations Burstscratch, Mikroloops and Handa Gote that work with the polyekran principle.







Aktivity PAFu v roce 2019 podpořili: Ministerstvo kultury České republiky, Státní fond kinematografie, Statutární město Olomouc a Olomoucký kraj a Praha 7.

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