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Ireland has a perhaps surprisingly strong animation community for a relatively small country, with Irish animators regularly picking up prizes at international festivals and Irish animations showing on cinema and TV screens around the world. This productivity and success is particularly surprising considering that before the mid-1970s there was very little animation activity in Ireland. While commercial mainstream animation thrived in the US, and more political and experimental animation was being created in parts of Europe, in Ireland the very few early animators tended to be isolated individuals.


Lecturer: Dermot Corrigan

Contemporary animation is interesting primarily because it deals with literary subjects, folklore and traditional taboos. The context, motives and style specifics across the history of Irish animation, as well as a deeper background of Irish filmmaking, will be discussed by Irish publicist and theoretician Dermot Corrigan.


Bresnihan / Tammerägi: the most remarkable personalities of contemporary Irish animation




A presentation of the new feature-length Irish animated film.





The constituent member of the Cartoon Saloon Studio Ross Murray will present the work of the studio, Irish production and distribution, and position of an independent animation studio in it.





Introduction::Dermot Corrigan

Our selection of the most interesting Irish short animated films offers a unique collection of animations that examine universal human questions and are inspired by contemporary globalized society, or conversely, they focus on animated form and possible spectrum of its variations.


Introduction: Dermot Corrigan

One of the distinctive trends of Irish animation is represented by the adaptations of literary classics and works that regard national history, mythology and folklore. Within each of the films there is imprinted the revisionism and the reflection of some traditinal taboos, but there are also films that are a sincere celebration of Irish character.


dir. DEANE TAYLOR Ireland, France 2000 | 74 min

Deane Taylor (the art director of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas) takes children story as the subject for his individual directorial debut about a mysterious carnival situated in the magical space beyond the gate of time. Will the group of offsprings succeed in finding the way back and escaping the inhabitants of a dark labyrinth of the deserted carnival sights?





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