Ivan David: Copyright and film author


The lecture will be focused on the impact of copyright on the creation of films and will inform about the practical minimum of knowledge each film author should have about this legal area. The lecture will also deal with the issues of found footage principles, i.e. the appropriation of already finished film material.


Differentiated Visions


The installation of Other Visions as solitary video-bodies of the moving image responds to the conditions of the PAF competition section as well as to the context of the origins of individual works. The exhibition mode of the presentation is immersed in the film festival and explores the possibilities of a festival format as a “differentiated cinema”, to which the contemporary image of video and film is projected.



>>>  part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities

Other Visions 2015: Cosmological Anthropology


While the individual works of Other Visions expand as solitary video­-bodies of the moving image into the physical and mental space of PAF, in the orbit of a projection screen they form a feature film of speculative and science fiction processes which, by their very nature, occur in a time loop. This has been said: time is a moving image of eternity and circular motion is a motion of thoughts.



The screening is part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities


Differentiated Visions: David Helán: Future belongs to Helium (Cornpoetron)

screening + performance

A performative introduction to the forty­minute video. Some of the Other Visions finalists need more space this year, some of them need more time, and David Helán needs more space, time and visitors. "With a properly detached point of view, in consideration of social requirements corresponding to the present day, the author executes a complete revision of the image of adjacent cosmic space."



Differentiated Visions

narrated tour

Other Visions are different visions this year: they are clearly defined, or internally differentiated works that, by their visuality, narrative structure and combinations of the two, either have a leaning towards the space “in between” or, through various formats of presentation, develop a different level of meaning supported by and connected with a projection/installation situation.



>>>  part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities


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round table

A discussion round table will focus on contemporary Czech databases – the crucial question concerns their form, origin and the practical purpose of their functions. An open discussion with guests will be led by the artist and teacher Tomáš Javůrek.  The guests at the round table will be Matěj Strnad, Jana Písaříková, Barbora Linková, Martin Blažíček and Katarína Gatialová. 

The round table was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.

Distribution Situation – The State of Things

round table - Matěj Strnad (CZ), Martin Arnold (AT), Janek Rous (CZ), Samson Kambalu (MW/GB), Ivan David (CZ), Lenka Střeláková (CZ).

A follow-up on last year’s discussion called Moving Archives, an exploration of practice and situation. An open discussion with guests will be led by Matěj Strnad, who currently studies at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts – FAMU and works at the National Film Archive. The guests for the round table include foreign as well as Czech artists, theorists and curators: Matěj Strnad (CZ), Martin Arnold (AT), Janek Rous (CZ), Samson Kambalu (MW/GB), Ivan David (CZ), Lenka Střeláková (CZ).

The round table was held as part of the Festivals of Live Cinema project activities.



Zakončení PAF 2015 + vyhlášení vítězů Jiné vize 2015

Během slavnostního zakončení 14. ročníku Přehlídky animovaného filmu bude na základě výroku mezinárodní poroty vyhlášen letošní vítěz soutěže Jiné vize. Udělena bude rovněž cena diváků, o jejímž vítězi můžete hlasovat po celou dobu festivalu vložením lístku do hlasovací urny.

Differentiated Visions

narrated tour

Other Visions are differentiated visions this year: they are composed of distinctive or internally differentiated works that, by their visuality, narrative structure and combinations of the two, have a leaning towards the space “in-between”. Alternatively, through various formats of presentation, they develop a different level of meaning supported by or connected with a projection/installation situation.


Finaliste Jiné vize 2015

| |

“Things never conform to the ideas that we have about them; there is always something more to them than what we are able to grasp. The world does not fit into our own cognitive paradigms and narrative modes of explanation. “Man” is not the measure of all things. This is why speculation is necessary.” Steven Shaviro

Janek Rous - Sound from the Desert
| |

We observe the seemingly random movement of figures on a muted horizon. Who are they? What do they convey? What actually is the area into which they were thrown and in which they are moving from nowhere to nowhere? Is their constellation random or do they have something in common? Sound from the Desert balances on the borders of sleep and wakefulness – the moment when we start to realize that the preceding events, though very real, were just a dream.

Jakub Jurásek - Back To One #02
| |

The title Back To One refers to film jargon. It means to return to the beginning, to take a starting position before the cameras are turned on. This command enables the technical staff to ensure material film production without disturbing the film record. This is the moment I am returning to, so that I can construct it once again and in a different way.

David Helán - The Future Belongs to Helium
| |

I am entering the competition with a trailer of appropriate length. Let the application also include the final forty‐minute film. I would like to introduce it performatively as part of the exhibition and in such a way that the projection will be disturbed as much as possible. Let The Future Belongs to Helium be filled by an artist’s dream about star expansion.

Helush Yiraq - From Adult to Children Section
| |

I have sent a camera through a tubular post in the Motol Hospital in Prague.

Petr Krátký - Camera
| |

The video originated within a project based on a system which uses another artist’s material. In my case I used Zuzana Žabková’s videos. The recontextualisation of her work by means of classical film structure did not work. Therefore I decided to work with a combination of two videos and their formal aspects: resolution, contrast, speed, rhythm and sound, and then combining the whole and the details.

Tereza Adámková - In the Same Breath
| |

This work originated as a multi­channel installation, the arrangement of which proceeded from the geometry of traditional mass compositions. It was an attempt to bring the experience of mass physical exercise (All­Sokol gathering, Spartakiad) closer to the audience and to become a participant. Except for the immersive situation, the video diverts the attention in a different direction: to the protagonists’ motions and expressions.

Petra Lelláková, Vladimíra Večeřová - Marmotour
| |

The authors set out together to the Carrara quarry in which high‐quality marble used to be mined and served as the raw material for many iconic sculptures. They work with spectacular settings which are used as a powerful visual and contextual background; they create simple gestures based on this background. They let the figures disappear on the horizon of stones; they let them merge into the sculptural material; sometimes they conversely revive them by their own physical presence.

Michal Cáb, Aleš Čermák - The Earth Trembles
| |

Catastrophe is not something that either threatens to happen in the close future or has already happened in the past – rather, we are experiencing it right now. How long can the catastrophe exist without any new stimuli? What happens when no one comes up with something surprising?

David Možný - Sleepless
| |

„...this place, if I could describe this place, portray it, I've tried, I feel no place, no place round me, there’s no end to me, I don't know what it is, it isn't flesh, it doesn't end, it's like air...“ Samuel Beckett


Jiné vize / Program #paf2015


Sekce Jiné vize již devátým rokem uvádí soutěž českých pohyblivých obrazů, v rámci níž soutěží deset finalistů o Hlavní cenu a Cenu diváků. Kurátorkou soutěže je v roce 2015 filmová teoretička Lenka Střeláková. Sekce se také dlouhodobě zabývá tématy distribuce, archivace a prezentace pohyblivých obrazů a řeší otázku, jak naložit s díly, která nespadají do běžných distribučního systémů. Jiné Vize 2015 jsou zaměřené na problematiku autorských práv a digitálních databází prostřednictvím diskuzních kulatých stolů, kterých se zúčastní odborníci z dané oblasti.

Hosté: Ivan David (CZ), Tomáš Javůrek (CZ), Matěj Strnad (CZ) ad.

PAF představuje finalisty Jiných vizí 2015

Nov jv finaliste2015

Desítku autorů vybrala filmová teoretička Lenka Střeláková. Práce zvolené do soutěže budou v rámci 14. Přehlídky animovaného filmu promítnuty v kinosále a instalovány v galerijní situaci, snímky budou po celý následující rok PAFem prezentovány pod názvem Jiné vize 2015 v rámci České republiky a v zahraničí. > více





Aktivity PAFu v roce 2019 podpořili: Ministerstvo kultury České republiky, Státní fond kinematografie, Statutární město Olomouc a Olomoucký kraj a Praha 7.

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