Mark Fell’s unique curatorial project for Olomouc: Motion, Change, Presence

Mark Fell major British artist and curator, has prepared for PAF festival programme section focused on unique audio-visual performances thematizing the reawakening of space, music and animation itself.

Chalupeckého dostal Štětina

Romanu Štětinovi, dlouhodobému spolupracovníkovi PAFu a autorovi našich rozhlasových znělek bylo ve čtvrtek 20. listopadu uděleno prestižní ocenění pro českého výtvarníka do 35 let – Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého.


Festival of Film Animation will present Pipo's Trip (El viaje de Pipo) – unique colombian shadow theatre for children (not only). Its author is a pioneer of shadow theatre, Jaime Cifuentes (COL).

paf a obálka praha

Letošní listopadová Obálka Praha vznikla opět ve spolupráci s PAFem - přední stranu obálky tentokrát zaujímá práce vítězů Jiných vizí 2013, Marie Hájkové a Petra Šprincla.

Contest for PAF newsletter subscribers


Every week starting monday 10th of November 2014, two random subscribers to PAF newsletter will get accreditation for the whole festival for free.

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The Festival of Film Animation in Olomouc is now introducing its new visual identity for this year. The PAF 2014 graphic design was again made by Fiume Studio, the graphic studio without a studio and graphics. Never established.


Gathering the contributions of researchers, artists and curators, the unplace conference aims to examine the different ways in which contemporary art and museums are reconfigured in virtual environments. Her contribution will introduce also PAF programme manager Marie Meixnerová.


At the 13th year of the Festival of Film Animation the visitors will be offered seven programme sections concerning animation; each section will be prepared by experts on the given topic.

Among the addressed specialists is Laura Victoria Delgado, who arranged the section about Colombian animation, which is almost unknown in the Czech Republic.

Jiné Vize Pastiche Filmz

The selection of last year's Other Visions will be screened within the Load Up cycle of Olomouc Pastiche Filmz film club on Wednesday, 22 October. The screening in the film hall will be accompanied by an introduction to history and background of the contest.

archifon ars electronica

Interactive musical instrument by Dan Gregor and Tomáš Dvořák, that has become a worldwide sensation right after its premiere at 10th PAF, is rebuild in its new version for the opening of Ars Ectronica in Linz, Austria (4 to 8 September 2014).

PAF na Pecha Kucha Night Vol 4

Také v Olomouci si buduje tradici populární formát krátkých prezentací zajímavých projektů – Pecha Kucha. V pátek 21. listopadu se na čtvrté olomoucké Pecha Kucha Night představil také PAF. / FB událost

tisková konference paf 2014

Ve středu 19. listopadu od 10 hodin proběhla ve druhém patře kavárny Café 87 tisková konference k 13. ročníku Přehlídky animovaného filmu v Olomouci. Přinášíme dokumentaci z konference a tiskový materiál ke stažení.


A resident of London, a musician and a visual artist, Dean Blunt, will perform for the first time in the Czech Republic. At PAF, he will present his appreciated album Black Metal which was released this autumn by the prestigious record label Rough Trade.

Programme sections PAF 2014

This is the first time the Festival of Film Animation publishes all programme sections of its 13th year. The key question "What is Animation?," which is being posed in the long term, is becoming the festival's subtitle. Each programme section serves as an independent answer to this question.

What is Animation? Buenos Aires Experiment!

PAF introduces another of its programme sections. "The Buenos Aires Experiment" section will introduce films, performances, videos and installations by Argentinian artists working with the medium of film and the principles of projection.


PAF has new radio jingle. Its author is the same as in previous year – young Czech artist with positive long-term approach to radio, Roman Štětina.


On-line accreditation for the 13th year of the Festival of Film Animation starts on the 20th of October 2014.Together with possibility of cashless transfers it will last till the 1st of December 2014. After this date accreditation may be purchased only on spot – in Art Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt), from Thursday, 4th of December 2014.

All answers concerning accreditation will be answered on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

stop trik

Other Visions 2013 selection was presented in Maribor, Slovenia within the StopTrik Festival on Sunday, 5 October.



This year's SEPTEMBEAM Festival breathes life to night Olomouc, brings a varied exposition and accompanying programme and also presents an interesting talk and workshop of FreshEye Platform.


Call for authors to submit their works for the 8th year of  the only competition section  of PAF  - OTHER VISIONS 2014!

Works can be submitted via on-line form prior to October 20, 2014.

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